Light It Up

Whether you’re working with an entire room, part of a room, or a hallway, you can drastically alter the whole look and feel of a room with proper lighting. If the space you’re working with is a little dark and there are no available windows to utilize for light, try adding a small desk or table with a stylish lamp. This will illuminate your pieces of art and bring attention to the pieces you want to highlight. If you’re going for a more casual environment, you can use Christmas lights or other decorative fixtures to liven up a dull space.

Frames, Frames, and More Frames

What’s one thing every art gallery has? Framed artwork. You’ll want to use acrylic frames because they’re durable and stylish. If you’re working with a space that gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s vital that your frames won’t break or crack if they’re knocked into. While many people choose to use glass frames because they offer a see-through and protective barrier, plastic picture frames are more durable while providing the same translucent benefit.

Acrylic picture frames are clear and won’t detract from your artwork. While you’ll want some variety with framed, frames picture frames provide a more modern look. Often times a beautiful frame can take attention away from the art itself, so acrylic frames allow the art to speak for itself. Whether you’re working in a room, hallway, or small space, the acrylic frames make rooms appear larger as walls are not busy with bulky frames.

Focus On Landscape

The landscape of your new art gallery is crucial. Where you place the artwork can be the difference between the art gallery feel and a cluttered mess. Use different sized artwork to display in one area. Play with different pieces to see what colors and designs look best together in the space. Also, think about the placement of the artwork. While you’ll want some pieces at eye-level, you may find that placing art in acrylic frames above eye level, below eye level, and at eye level will look sleek and modern. For hallways, you can create an art gallery feel by placing all of the art, no matter the size, at eye level so that your guests get a chance to see them as they pass by. Make sure to measure twice so that you can keep your pieces equally leveled.

Once your walls are covered with beautifully plastic framed art, you can start thinking about decor decisions that play off the colors, lines, and feel of the space. If you’re using a full room, you’ll want seating options so people can gather and admire the art. Make sure not to overcrowd your space with furniture; Instead, let your art be the main focus of the room.