Over the last decade, integrated marketing has grown from a strategy used by the world’s largest corporations into something that even small businesses can make work for them.

The basics of integrated marketing are simple. Instead of having multiple different marketing messages, particularly across different platforms, companies only have one brand message that’s consistent across every marketing platform.

Their direct mail campaigns use the same design and marketing message as their digital banners, while their radio ads use the same message as their TV ads. With this strategy, a consistent and more memorable marketing message is created.

Integrating signage into your company’s marketing message is simple, and it’s one of the most effective ways to put your integrated marketing campaign – especially print and direct mail marketing – into practice.

In this guide, we’ll share four techniques that you can use to make signage part of your integrated marketing strategy and create a powerful synergy between all of your marketing mediums that produces fantastic results.

Use the same message on your signs as in your advertising

How effective is your company’s advertising? Many businesses, even multi-billion dollar enterprises, are unaware of how effective their advertising is because all of their messages are different.

With conflicting messages – one focused on value, the other on quality and another on products, for example – the full synergistic value of their marketing is impossible to achieve, let alone measure.

Make your marketing message consistent by using the same message – whether it’s a focus on pricing or product quality – in your signs and posters as you do in radio advertisements, print media, digital advertising and on other platforms.

Keep your color and design elements consistent across mediums

Consistency is the key to effective integrated marketing. By using not just the same message, but the same image, across multiple platforms, you can achieve a massive amount more than what’s possible with a traditional marketing campaign.

Color plays a major role in marketing, and consumers will begin to associate your advertising’s color scheme with your brand over time. Use the same color scheme across platforms and you’ll achieve a synergistic effect that improves results.

The same design elements – from your logo to typefaces – should also be used not just on one marketing platform, but on all marketing platforms. Use the same font for your posters and signage as you do for your online banners and TV ads.

Use the same call to action online, offline, in print and on your signage

The final component of an effective integrated marketing campaign is providing the right call to action on all mediums. From “Call Us Now” to your website URL, think of the single most important contact method and use it in all of your marketing.

Can you remember any corporate jingles? The reason jingles have been so effective is because they focus on helping you memorize two things: a benefit of a product or service and a way to get that product or service.

If your print and digital advertisements feature your website’s URL, make sure your signage also features it. Being consistent with the call to action you use in your print, digital and physical advertising creates a compound effect that improves results.