Acrylic sign and brochure holders are a simple way to display marketing materials and products that catch customers’ attention. Like any material though, acrylic can get dusty or damaged over time. Thankfully, it is also incredibly easy to polish and repair!

Budget will also never be a problem if you are using well-maintained acrylic frames - which tend to be very affordable. Ensuring your acrylic displays are well-taken care of will keep them in perfect condition, meaning they will hardly ever need replacing.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can take care of your acrylic displays and keep them in pristine condition longer. We’ll explain everything from special acrylic polish to the best type of cloth to use.

Keeping Your Brochure Holders Appealing

Whatever your main purpose is for using attractive retail acrylic frames or custom-made acrylic risers, it is essential to consider the proper care for your versatile acrylic display.

Acrylic is an excellent, optically transparent plastic that can last for an extended period if well-kept. Like any precious possession, acrylic picture frames are recommended to highlight your products and services.

With the COVID 19 pandemic in mind, keeping your acrylic displays clean and well-maintained sends two clear messages to your existing and potential customers:

  • That your establishment practices regular cleaning and maintenance, building a sense of trust.
  • That you are actually still operating

You can even slot in health reminders in your acrylic displays along with your regular material for added impact. And if your business does deal with anything in the health industry, keeping your acrylic displays well-maintained gives you much more credibility!

Below are some helpful tips in maintaining your acrylic risers to stay clean and durable:

Place Your Acrylic Frames Away from Heat or Hot Objects

To keep your brochure holders long-lasting, avoid placing it in areas with direct exposure to heat. Also avoid direct contact with curling irons, tea kettles, and the like. When direct heat is in contact with acrylic frames, stands, risers, and displays, this can cause discoloration and warping.

Never Use Abrasive Cleaners or Scrubbers on Sign Holders

Although acrylic frames have a long shelf-life, always remember that acrylic risers are made using soft material. While this makes it susceptible to scratches or surface damages, an advantage of acrylic frames is that it requires minimal maintenance when cleaning.

To maintain the shelf-life of your acrylic display, refrain from using scouring compounds or harsh solutions that have ammonia. Also, avoid glass cleaners for your acrylic picture frames to prevent being scratched. These types of cleaners can ruin the transparency of your display holders, leaving behind a cloudy appearance.

Paper towels and disposable wipes should not be used on acrylic. These might seem convenient, but they won’t remove any scratches, can be deceptively abrasive, and will completely wreck the shiny or matte finish or your acrylic holders and displays. Removing this damage might be possible, but the amount of polishing can be very time-consuming and strenuous.

If you don’t have a special cleaner for the acrylic display on hand, use a gentle detergent with lukewarm water. This will still be an effective cleaner and you won’t risk staining or damaging the acrylic.

When washing acrylic, use gentle pressure to blot the surface. Being too forceful will result in scratches and scrapes. You can then use a new, dry cloth to buff the acrylic. While this step isn’t essential, it will help you in the long run by reducing future stains.

If you see any streaks left behind from the detergent, just run through the steps again.

Wipe Off Your Acrylic Risers Using a Clean Cloth

Thankfully, acrylic is a very easy material to keep clean and shiny and requires minimal care. The most important step you have to take is to regularly clean or dust the holders with a gentle cloth.

If you are careless, dirt patches and fine abrasive particles can leave unwanted scratches on your acrylic display as they easily stick to cloth when cleaning other things. It is highly advised to always use a new, fresh cloth every time you wipe your brochure holders to prevent undesirable marks.

Even better: use an electrostatic cloth. These are designed to attract dust without sending it flying into the air. Your displays will be left looking cleaner and shinier, while improving the air quality too!

Recommended Solution to Polish Acrylic Products

Special chemical solutions like Novus are highly suggested when cleaning, polishing, and protecting acrylic frames. In case your desk, shelf, tray, and other acrylic display gets damaged, an economical polish like Novus is designed to repair deep scratches and eliminate patches.

This type of cleaner is also useful when you want to remove adhesives or glues either from the factory or from your previous displays.

But like working with any chemical solution, it is always recommended that you use them outside or in a well-ventilated room to protect yourself from fumes causing light-headedness. After using the solution, thoroughly clean the acrylic holder and let it dry completely. This will ensure that no chemical residue is left behind.

In Conclusion

It’s clear to see why acrylic is such a popular choice. Not only is it affordable and looks great, but it also requires minimal and easy upkeep. Your brochure and sign holders will last years and years and still look brand new if they are properly taken care of.

The golden rule of cleaning acrylic is to be as gentle as possible. Using microfiber or electrostatic cloths will prevent scratches and keep dust from settling on the surfaces. It’s also very important to use cleaning solutions that were formulated especially for acrylic. Doing this will ensure that you don’t apply chemicals that are too harsh for acrylic, which often ends up damaging its surface or finish.

Maintaining your acrylic display holders is the best way to show off products and marketing materials. A display that looks brand new is always sure to grab your customers’ attention!