Does your retail store need effective signage? Signage can be the difference between a successful store that’s rarely without customers and a store that, despite its great location, is rarely full.

The type of signage you choose for your retail store can have a huge impact on how many customers it attracts and how much revenue it generates. Because of this, it’s important to carefully consider any signage you plan to install.

Retail signage comes in many forms, from bright and highly visible signs to smaller, more subtle signs. From design elements and color schemes to size, there are a wide variety of factors to consider when choosing a sign for your retail store.

If you’re just getting started in retail and need help choosing the right size of sign to install in and around your store, read on for four simple and effective techniques to help you determine which size of sign is best.

Use distance to determine optimal signage dimensions

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing retail signage is scale and distance. The further away your target audience will be when they pass by your retail store, the larger your signage should be to fully attract their attention.

For example, a big-box retail store located close to a major highway will need larger signage than a retail store on a city’s high street, largely because its customers need to look further into the distance to notice its advertising.

If your store is located close to passing customers, keep your signage in proportion to the environment around your shop. If it’s far from the road or walkway, scale up your signage to increase visibility.

Make up for small dimensions with an eye-catching design

Small signs aren’t necessarily invisible. By using an eye-catching design that’s heavy on contrast and color, you can make even the smallest sign highly visible for people passing by your store.

This is particularly important if restrictions such as signage laws limit your ability to market using large-scale signage. Scaling down your signs can make it important for your business to scale up the elements that make them visible and effective.

Pair a large sign with a design that isn’t too aggressive, as this can put off customers more than it helps. For a smaller sign, use a design that puts attention first so that it is as easy as possible for people to locate and identify your business.

Use large and small signs to draw attention to your store

The key to effective visual marketing is contrast. Contrast between text and a sign’s background increases readability. Contrast between a sign and its imagery increases engagement and makes people more likely to pay attention.

Contrast between large signs and small signs can be an equally effective marketing tool for your retail business. By using large and small signs around your store, you can send a variety of different marketing messages.

Make use of a wide range of different sign dimensions to maximize the visual real estate you have around your retail store. Many people will pay more attention to a mix of different dimensions than several uniform and similar retail signs.

Keep in-store signage small, subtle and not overly intrusive

Exterior signage and in-store signs are two very different things. One has a goal of getting people to walk into your store, while the other has a goal of directing those people that have already entered.

Because of the different purpose in-store signage serves, it’s important to choose in-store storage that’s small, subtle and not too intrusive. Try to inform and direct the people in your store, not to display a powerful marketing message to them.

While in-store signage is an important aspect of retail marketing, giving it the same treatment as your outdoor signage is a mistake. Prioritize taste and subtlety above action to make the interior of your retail store welcoming for your customers.

How effective is your retail store’s signage?

Using a variety of different signs inside and outside your store is an excellent way to increase visibility and inspire more customers to step inside. How effective is your retail store’s signage in achieving your marketing objectives?