How exposed are your promotional materials? Do they have the attractiveness to shift the prospect's attention? Your promotional materials should be placed where they can be seen from any point of your store. The visual-merchandising concept is one that has been proven to be effective in achieving the highest number of leads. Visuals are more impactful and memorable when it comes to promoting your business. As visual beings, we tend to respond more strongly to visual appeal compared to other senses. When looking for maximum exposure for your advertising materials, you should consider the following things first.

Placement and location

The placement of your advertisements can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. For example, if you are using retail signs to increase foot traffic you should consider the most visible location in the store. Most preferably along the aisle or near the checkout counter where people will see it.

When using brochures to promote your business, a wall mounted brochure holder will come in handy for the best results. The customers can conveniently pick up a brochure from the brochure holder when leaving the store or at their convenient time. Another advantage of a wall mounted brochure holder is that they cannot be knocked over or pushed to a different location where their purpose and effectiveness would be lost. By placing the holders in a noticeable location, you will be encouraging the customers to pick a brochure which will help spread information about your business.

Make use of display colors

Color evokes strong emotions and influences our decisions about whether to buy a product or not. Colors such as orange and red are vibrant and arousing while blue and green are subdued and calming. Use of bold colors will capture the attention of passersby or influence the decision of shoppers to buy a certain product. Make use of colors that pop to enhance the atmosphere of your store. Alternatively, the use of contrast and solid backgrounds is also effective in making a scenario more noticeable and exposed to shoppers.

Use readable fonts

If you want a high response rate from your advertising materials, then you need to use easy to read fonts and graphics. Most business owners think that complex graphics, iconography, and fonts are the best way to increase exposure. This is actually counterproductive to your efforts and may limit the visibility of your brand. The best fonts are bold and crisp, without excessive decorations that will overwhelm your intended message. Use big fonts that stand out from afar and that can be read even by passersby.

Use light creatively ensures your display

Enough lightmaximum visibility as well as attracts the attention to particular items of interest that are illuminated differently from the rest. The primary lighting of your store should be bright and lively to create a cool atmosphere. Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to various points in your store or to a specific product. If you are using in-store signage to attract attention, LED signs are ideal and will be easily noticed. The creative use of ambient lighting can also bring maximum exposure by creating an intriguing effect that catches the eye of prospects.