Visual marketing refers to the use of images, videos, GIFs and other visuals to make your marketing impactful and memorable. Just as the age-old saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so is the case with visual marketing. An effective visual marketing strategy will make good use of elements, images and graphics to convey information about your brand. When done deftly, visual marketing can lead to explosive lead generation and make your brand known. For small businesses, this can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your business.

What are some advantages of visual marketing?

As opposed to the plain old text used in traditional marketing strategies, visuals give you the opportunity to be creative and innovative at the same time. Customers will fall in love with catchy visuals reinforced with powerful statements and words that convey your brand message. The reason why visuals are so powerful is that visual perceptions are hard-wired into our psyche and are easily memorable than plain words. The human brain processes image up to 60,000 times faster than text!

Visuals allow you to keep your message succinct and simple. A single image could communicate all you need to say without the need for words. The emerging technologies are revolutionizing the way we edit images and anyone with decent skills can be an expert at creating effective images and photographs.

In addition, you can use images in a wide range of channels including custom displays. By making use of a sign holder, you can display information to your targeted customers in a convenient way. If you are looking for photo frames that can last for a long time, then you might consider acrylic sign holders designed to display images in a versatile way. This ensures the longevity of the media that you are displaying while giving you unrivaled reliability. Also, the sign holder is clear to allow for easy viewing of photos or other advertising material.

How to build your brand with visual content

To build a successful brand with visual marketing, you will need a creative edge to better communicate with your customers. You could use the help of a professional graphic designer to get everything streamlined. Here are important tips to help you maximize visual marketing.

  • Maintain a consistent theme throughout- consistency is key when it comes to visual marketing. The color schemes that you follow must be the same as your brand colors. This includes the color of your brochures, business cards, and business logo. A consistent color theme will emphasize your brand identity.
  • Be creative as possible- creativity is vital to capturing the attention of new customers. Depending on the theme of your business, you can use images that reflect exactly what you can offer. However, images should not be too busy. Simple and clear images are the best and most effective.
  • Keep your information up-to-date – update any changes that you make to your product or service and let them reflect on the posted images. You can always change the type of visual content depending on customer reaction and response. This also gives you the opportunity to add new exciting details.

If your business is not already on social media, you are definitely missing out on a golden opportunity to use visual content to promote your business. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer perfect avenues for leveraging the power of visual marketing.