From leading customers towards your top-selling items to promoting your loyalty program, custom retail displays can have a significant, measurable effect on your retail store’s sales.

Would you like to improve navigation within your store, increase the amount of time customers spend with you and improve your sales figures? Read on to learn more about how custom displays can help your retail store’s sales.

Guide customers through your store

In-store marketing is one of the most important yet frequently ignored aspects of retail success. Getting customers into your store is the first part of the challenge – encouraging them to take action and purchase something is the second.

One of the most important aspects of in-store marketing is ensuring customers can easily find the items they’re searching for within your store. Through effective use of custom displays, you can make navigating your retail store simple.

Use custom displays to list the contents of each aisle in your store and direct people once they’ve entered. You can also use custom displays to list specific sections and guide people towards the products they’re most interested in and likely to buy.

Improve loyalty program sign-ups

Does your retail store have a loyalty program? If so, you can use custom displays to improve your sign-up rate. If not, you should consider starting a loyalty program to encourage your existing customers to keep returning.

There are many ways to use custom displays to increase you loyalty program sign-up rate. You can market the program and collect registrations at the counter or add your website’s URL to the displays and register customers online.

Does your store target a technical audience? If your customers are tech-savvy, you can even use scannable QR codes to opt people into your loyalty program and email list in seconds, creating a valuable asset for your business to remarket itself to.

Lead customers to top-selling items

Over time, most retail businesses begin to generate the bulk of their earnings from a select few top-selling items – products that achieve sales figures that beat almost all of the other items in the store, often combined.

By directing customers towards these top-selling items, you can improve the chance of foot traffic turning into sales and significantly increase the amount of revenue you produce.

One way to do this is to establish a “top-selling items” section of your store and use custom displays to direct customers there. Another way is to highlight and promote your top-selling items within your custom displays to increase customer interest.

Promote your sale or special event

Does your retail store hold sales or special events? If you hold frequent sales, you can significantly increase customer awareness and improve foot traffic by using a custom display to market your upcoming sale.

Instead of just promoting upcoming sales through window posters and displays – most of which are seen by new customers – you can market to existing customers through in-store posters and custom displays.

List your upcoming sales, special events and interesting dates to draw interest and keep your existing customers coming back for more. Over time, your customer base will become immensely loyal, giving your business a valuable marketing asset.

Strengthen your business’s brand

Many small businesses – retail businesses in particular – for on direct marketing as a primary marketing strategy. This can fuel short-term sales, but it’s unlikely that a constant stream of direct marketing campaigns will give your business a real brand.

A brand, particularly a well-known brand, is an immensely valuable asset. With an excellent brand, your business will attract a loyal audience of returning customers without having to actively spend money on marketing campaigns.

Luckily, it’s easy to strengthen your brand using custom displays. Showcase your company’s identity and beliefs in its custom in-store displays – over time, they’ll become aspects of your brand that people naturally associate with your business.