Hospitals have been at the forefront of what is shaping up to be among the worst pandemics in history. Now more than ever, it’s essential for stakeholders to reinforce healthcare messages, guidelines, and protocols that empower the public to do their part in preventing the spread of the disease.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, hospitals have been experiencing a steady influx of patients and visitors seeking life-saving treatments. There’s no better way to provide critical information in medical facilities than indoor and outdoor displays that are organized in brochure holders and acrylic display holders.

Why Do Hospital Signs and Displays Matter?

Hospital signs and displays often get overlooked, but they are among the most powerful tools to get the right message across at a time when people are scrambling for clear, up-to-date, and targeted information that eases their anxieties and fears about today’s most pressing uncertainties.

For one, well-designed wayfinding or directional signs help people navigate a large and complex hospital with confidence.

Time is of the essence in a medical emergency. Wayfinding signs guide the staff and patients through the hospital’s many floors, rooms, and hallways, and enable them to reach the right room where the doctors can provide them with the timely healthcare they need.

Plus, indoor and outdoor hospital displays can warn hospital staff and patients about the do’s and don’ts and instruct them about what to do in specific situations.

Custom-designed hospital signs can help promote a hospital’s unique brand and influence patients’ and visitors’ future healthcare decisions. For example, impressive hospital signs in waiting areas and cafeterias can help medical stakeholders connect with their audiences and raise awareness about important outreach and community programs, specialized services, vaccination schedules, and the like. With the right images and content, consistent branding initiatives can help strengthen the reputation and credibility of the medical facility.

Doctors’ offices, nurses’ stations, and patient exam rooms are also hospital hotspots that provide maximum opportunities to educate, and even entertain, staff, patients, and visitors. From doctor waiting room signs to nameplates, badges, patient care signs, patient communication boards, and more, hospital displays create a long-lasting, positive impact on your facility.

Boost The Convenience and Efficiency Of Your Hospital With Top-Notch Displays

Here are some hospital sign and display ideas that can effectively promote your hospital, simplify and streamline operations, and keep your medical facility top of mind among your target audiences.

Eye-Catching Welcome Signs and Displays

What better way to get your target audiences more interested and excited to enter your medical facility than striking outdoor signage that allows them to easily identify and differentiate your hospital. Work with trusted signage makers who can bring your brand to life and use the right combinations of colors and graphics that will make your hospital stand out. See to it that your exterior signs and displays are durable and can withstand outdoor elements.

Outdoor hospital signs and wayfinding signs can also clearly mark hospital zones, keep spaces open and available for emergency vehicles, and provide new patients and visitors with helpful directions from the get-go.

Elegant, Easy-To-Use Wayfinding Signs

Amplify healthcare environments and minimize wayfinding challenges through simple yet vibrant wayfinding signs that direct patients, guests, and staff and get them to the right destinations with no hassle and stress. Never underestimate how effective wayfinding signs can create memorable user experiences that will make your hospital a premier choice for anyone who enters your facility.

Compelling Waiting Room Signs and Displays

Hospital lobbies, waiting rooms, and cafeterias are strategic places to showcase hospital or medical brochures that contain information about your facilities, equipment, services, treatments and procedures, announcements, and ongoing and upcoming events. Wall mount and countertop brochure holders give you an affordable way to organize your professionally designed brochures and raise them to the user’s eye level.

Custom-designed interior signage helps drive brand recognition and get patients, staff, and guests excited to learn more about what your hospital can do and offer. Explore graphics and finishing options that give patients and guests something interesting to look at while also providing them with valuable information about important health issues and any special events coming up.

Comprehensive Identification and Patient Care Signs and Displays

Patients and guests want easy and convenient access to the right doctors and nurses who can give them the specialized care they need. Well-designed badges and nameplates that are displayed on tables and countertops give patients and their families the right visual cues that inform them about a health care staff’s role and credentials. Plus, these displays enable your doctors and nurses to properly represent your hospital’s distinct brand.

Customizable and durable patient care boards and signs allow your hospital to display critical patient status details and essential care information at a glance. Improve patient safety and satisfaction through clear, concise, and carefully designed patient care signs that give patients and their families all the information they need to support patients’ treatment and recovery.

Get A Cost-Effective Way to Organize and Highlight Your Signs

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