Think your retail store can’t make a great impression with those good old brochure holders and sign holders? Never underestimate the power of compelling retail signage to entice customers and keep them coming back for more of your products and services.

Planning and creating an excellent and well-thought-out strategy that involves retail store signage goes a long way towards building a strong identity for your brand. Impressing your customers and positively influencing consumer behavior.

Exterior and interior signage can make or break the success of your retail store, so it’s best to maximize every opportunity to draw the attention of customers and give them an in-store experience unlike any other.

From where your sign holders are positioned to the size and type of font, the color scheme, materials, and the overall design—there are different elements of retail store signage that are crucial to ensuring that you convey the right message to consumers swiftly and persuasively.

Here are some important factors you need to consider to come up with strong retail signage, one that enhances the retail store experience, attracts potential customers, and converts them into loyal consumers in no time.

Top-notch Materials and Production

Make it a priority to invest in high-quality signage, that way you’ll get nothing less than the best images that will take your retail store and brand to new heights. Consider the purpose of your signage—whether it’ll be outdoor, indoor, directional, or departmental—when choosing the right manufacturing materials to use.

For example, exterior signage must stand the test of time and the harsh elements outside. Indoor signage, meanwhile, must be rigid and lightweight without losing its premium appeal. The right quality of printer and paper is also important in producing the high-quality image you desire.

No matter your signage needs, Displays & Holders has got all the tools, techniques, and resources to deliver the finest selection of sign holders that will not only protect your signs but also exude an excellent and professional image for your brand.

We’ll help you choose from a wide array of light and durable acrylic literature displays that will best match your retail store needs, from the countertop and wall-mounted brochure holders to custom sign holders, floor displays, and rotating holders. 

The Right Color Scheme

Nothing quite like attractive and intriguing colors to make your retail signage pop even more. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors to make your signage stand out and catch the eyes of your consumers.

Make sure that the color scheme and combinations you use reflect and even complement your brand.

It’s best practice to choose a background color, text color, and highlight color. Using high-contrast colors in your retail store signage—like black and white, red and white, or black and yellow—can boost visibility and consumer responsiveness. 

Draw your audiences to your displays by using colors that evoke feelings of optimism and excitement and add unique finishes to make them more trendy and powerful. 

Text That is Easy to Read

No matter how stellar your message is, the words on your retail store signage won’t matter if your target audiences will not be able to read them.

You have approximately five to eight seconds to attract and engage consumers using store signage. Make sure that the letters on your signage are large enough and easier to read at a distance.

Besides large, bold fonts, see to it that you don’t put too many words on one sign or you’ll risk turning customers away.

Consider the length of time the consumer will be spending looking at the retail store sign. If you’re after encouraging customers to participate in a sale, then a strong image, a headline, and a few words like MID-YEAR SALE or UP TO 50% OFF may generate the most impact.

Simple, Straightforward, Compelling

Less is more. Too much verbiage will bore your target consumers and obscure your retail sign message. Stick with a clear, concise copy to get the message across promptly and effectively.

Always think about the intent of your retail store sign—whether you want to inform customers about a new product, a sale, price changes, return policies, check out details, and the like. Convey the message in as few words as possible. Remember, you can always use a variation of retail signs so you don’t have to say it all in one sign.

Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) in your retail store signage so you can appeal more to your target audiences and easily achieve your goals for conversion.


Placement is everything when it comes to ensuring that your retail store signage seizes the attention of customers and highlights your brand. Consider the size and shape of your signage when determining where to position your signs inside and outside of your retail store.

Don’t think twice about testing your sign so you can check from the customer’s point of view. Aim for creating a visual focal point so your viewers’ eyes are focused on your retail store display.

Assess whether it’s best to position the signage at ground level on the street, at eye-level in your window display, and even hanging down from your store ceiling.

Check the visibility of your indoor signage and whether it can be seen through your window at all times of the day. You should also see to it that your outdoor signs do not block the view of the interior of your retail store and obstruct traffic flow and other displays. 

Customize Your Retail Store Signage Now

Incorporating and balancing all these elements will help you leverage the power of retail store signage and reap all the benefits of revenue increases and a memorable shopping experience for all your consumers.

We are your go-to partner for versatile displays that will showcase your brand, raise awareness for your unique offerings, and drive traffic to your store. We’ll work with you every step of the way to identify opportunities and help you make the most out of your investment.

To discuss your next retail store signage project you may email us at or contact our team at (714) 527-1179 at Displays and Holders today.