Effective Designs of Brochure Holders for Enhanced Marketing

So you have put in a lot of time and money into creating the perfect signages using brochure holders that will represent your business. Your unique selling proposition should be on point to ensure that the copy and design are sure to reel in prospective clients.

However, all this can go to waste if your brochure is not accessible to your intended market. Just like in real estate, location is immensely important—you need to show off your brochure in different ways and place them in strategically chosen areas.

Appealing brochures placed in a great location are effective in spreading the word about your business and ensuring that all your hard work is visible for everyone to see. 

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Why is Having a Brochure So Important?

Brochure holders and various literature displays may be considered traditional marketing tools, but these are undeniably effective. It’s a reliable way to show your company profile, and product and service features in a way that you can control.

With the use of effective copy and engaging visuals, you will be able to sway someone to become a potential customer.

Now all efforts in making a detailed and sophisticated brochure will just go to waste if you let them lie in a heap of mess on a table. This is where brochure holders come in—it keeps your materials in order and catches the attention of visitors, encouraging them to get one and leaf through it.

It’s important that each and every type of material you have, be it a small business card or a full brochure, be presented in a neat and classy manner. First impressions are truly essential. The last thing you want visitors to see is your materials scattered carelessly all over the place. 

Innovative Brochure Holder Designs to Consider

There are several types and styles of functional and stylish brochure holders that will display your materials in the best way to ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

Wall-mounted Horizontal Holders

These lightweight, slender brochure holders are easy to place on walls and their horizontal shape makes them a space-saver.

These wall-mounted holders are usually made of plasticized materials such as plexiglass and vinyl. They provide plenty of slots to hold the brochures and being tacked on the wall gives them quality visibility especially during marketing events.

This is why lots of conference halls now have permanent wall-mounted holders for effective distribution of attractive marketing brochures.

Standing Tiered Holders

These holders are often slender and adjustable and made of plastics or metals. These have steady bases and are designed to display a number of brochures in vertically tiered trays or pockets.

Each tray is slanted slightly and backward, which allows easier viewing and pick-up of the brochures.

Digital Standing Holders

These holders are usually made of plastic, metal, or timber and used in marketing events such as featured product demos, informational seminars, and brand promo exhibits.

Each stand can display either a single or a series of brochures in photo, video, or slideshow formats.  

Where to Display Your Printed Brochures

It makes sense to display your brochures within spaces where people wait or where there is heavy foot traffic, as well as spots where people congregate.

Your brochures will only pay off if people actually see them. You need to be creative when it comes to displaying your materials. So which locations are ideal for displaying your brochures?

  • In your place of business or office. It makes perfect sense to make this the natural starting point, but believe it or not, quite a lot of people skip this entirely.

    Putting a brochure stand featuring your ancillary services in the waiting room or checkout point should be a standard because it makes upselling easier to customers who are already in your office or shop. 
  • In your building. Don’t just limit your brochures to the confines of your office. Why not have your holders placed by the elevator or in vestibules, any place where people congregate.

    People who come into the building to go see another business may end up walking out of there knowing about the existence of your business.
  • At complementary businesses. Approach other local businesses that offer products that complement and don’t compete with yours, and create an arrangement for your brochures to be placed in their shops.

    For instance, if you’re selling natural beauty and food products, you can place your brochures at a yoga studio. If you’re selling books or knitting materials, your brochures would feel right at home in your local coffee shop.

    This move can really help to target more customers and benefit the business who are willing to help you.
  • At special events, conferences, and trade shows. Your brochures should make an appearance at all special events, big or small. Placing a brochure stand there can help build awareness for your brand and give visitors something that will remember you by.

    If you’re not an exhibitor at the event, at least arrange for your brochures to be displayed where people wait to buy tickets or queue lines. 
  • Hotels, campgrounds, and RV sites. If you offer a product or service that can help tourists, these spots are just the perfect location for your brochures.

    You will be able to capture the attention of visitors in the area and encourage them to try your restaurant, retail shop, and even your emergency dental services.
  • Gyms, daycares, and churches. Put your brochure right in front of busy parents and dedicated regular patrons of the gym and church.

    Whatever it is that you’re offering, there’s surely at least a couple who need your product or service. It never hurts to cover all your bases.

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