Trade shows can be fantastic opportunities to market your business, provided your company’s booth attracts attention –more importantly, the right type of attention – from the event’s attendees.

While hundreds of thousands of small businesses take part in trade shows each and every year, many achieve unimpressive results due to poorly designed booths that – despite looking professional – fail to stand out and attract attention.

From eye-catching color schemes to branding that sets your business apart, using the right combination of design elements is essential for trade show success. While some booths stand out and command attention, others fail to make an impact at all.

In this blog post, we’ll share five tips that you can use to design a great trade show booth that stands out from the crowd, attracts the right type of attention from the event’s audience and increases the amount of leads your business generates.

Study the event before you attend

Are you familiar with the trade show you’re attending? Past knowledge of an event can give you a big advantage when it comes to design, since you can study examples of competitors’ booths and learn what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t.

If you’re taking part in a trade show for the first time, study the event online to look at past years’ booths. Take note of the booths with the largest audiences and look at the design elements and color schemes they use.

Focus on either lead generation or branding

The best trade show booth designs have very focused goals. They’re either entirely dedicated to lead generation and direct sales, or they’re designed solely to improve and strengthen the company’s brand.

What’s your goal from your business’s next trade show? If you’re focused on direct sales and lead generation, use your booth to show off your company’s benefits and advantages. If branding is your goal, make sure your logo is clearly visible.

Make your product easy for visitors to notice

What does your business have to sell? Whether you offer a consumer good or a B2B product, it’s important to make sure your product is highly visible inside your trade show booth to increase the quantity and quality of leads you generate.

From product displays to banners promoting your latest product or service, make sure your offer is clearly visible for passersby. Trade shows are all about visibility, not just for your business, but for your products, services and offers too.

Create mystery with a simple, eye-catching design

Sometimes the simplest booths are the most impressive. Keeping your booth simple and sticking to branding in its design can often increase interest in your product or service, since attendees need to enter to learn what’s inside.

Many businesses make the mistake of designing a cluttered and busy booth. It can be a far better strategy to keep the design of your booth simple and focused purely on your brand as a way to increase attendees’ interest in your product or offer.

Design using a bold, eye-catching color scheme

Does your booth stand out from the crowd? Trade shows are lucrative opportunities to market your business, but competition can be fierce. A bold color scheme is often the best tool for standing out from the competition and attracting attention.

Use contrast to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Most attendees will visit your booth if it stands out and attracts their attention – focus on catching their eyes to get them inside your trade show booth and interacting with your sales team.

Is your trade show booth design up to scratch?

A great booth can be the difference between success or failure at your next event or trade show. Does your company’s trade show stand out from the crowd and attract the right amount of attention?