Filling your home or office space with some of your favorite photos of family, pets, or even holiday snapshots is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your place or to settle into a new space. If you want to showcase even more of your personal style, you should try out a few of these fun photo display ideas using versatile acrylic frames.

Whether you want to make your house a home or strip away all distractions for a more minimal approach, here are just a few ways you can take your photo displays to the next level.

Customize It

If you have a picture of a unique size or want to display a photo in a very special way, consider ordering a custom brochure holder or picture frame.

Brochure holders might seem like a radical choice for showcasing your photos, but they allow you to swap out photographs easily and can be mounted on the wall to add visual appeal.

Clear acrylic frames are especially useful if you want to do some DIY customizations. Simply try your hand at painting a border around the edges of the frame or even slide some paper shapes or pressed flowers in front of the photo for some added dimension and color.

Go Minimalist

Many homes and families are now opting for a more minimalist aesthetic, cutting down on clutter and avoiding any mismatching or out of place knickknacks. To cut down on distracting or clashing colors, try swapping wood or metal frames for clear acrylic frames and photo holders.

Displaying your photos in these frames creates a modern and minimalist space, and all the focus will go straight to the photographs themselves. These frames are also a great way to pull an entire home together, creating a cohesive and streamlined look.

Custom Brochure Holder

Try Layering

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can take advantage of the open nature of a brochure holder and layer multiple photos, postcards, or letters in the slot. When placed in your living room, this allows family members or guests to interact with your display and learn more about the many layers and dimensions of your life.

Layering can also work great with acrylic frames on a tabletop or mantelpiece. Panoramic or long landscape photographs can be cut and placed into multiple frames and then lined up or layered over one another to create unexpected depth.

Frame Your Favorite Posters

If you have a large blank space on your wall, you might want to consider hanging a large piece of art to add some personality to the room. Since original art and even prints can get pricey, a great option is to hang large posters instead.

By placing the poster in a thin acrylic mounted frame, you can add a pop of color to your living space and show off your artistic taste at the same time.