While design plays a huge role in print marketing, it’s often the choice of words that you use in your advertising that determines whether it’s a successful and profitable campaign or a costly failure.

From descriptive words to action words, certain words and phrases can have a huge impact on the influence of your advertising. They can inspire people to take instant action, ease their fears or confirm your product’s value.

Including these words in your marketing can make a huge difference. A single word is often the difference between a successful campaign and one that, while good, just fails to make the right impact.

In this guide, we’ve listed 10 of the most powerful and effective “action words” that you can use in your print marketing. From brochures to direct mail sales letters, put these 10 powerful and highly effective words to the test in your next campaign.


The best marketing is personal, and there’s no word more personal than “you.” This word can have a huge impact on your campaign by developing a close bond with an audience and helping prospects identify themselves with your product or service.


Prospects will often be interested in using a product, yet not interested enough to buy it immediately. Using the word “try” in your marketing reminds them that it’s possible to try your product before buying, easing their apprehension to buy it.


Everyone likes something that’s simple to use. “Easy” immediately sets your offer apart from the competition and brands it as something that’s easy to use, especially if your competitors’ products are complicated and confusing.


The key to effective marketing is encouraging people to take action. Using “start” in your print marketing encourages prospects to give your product a try and reminds them that it’s possible to get started right away, without any delays.


Many prospects fear that a product isn’t as effective as it claims to be. Using “proven” in your print marketing copy gives people peace of mind by showing them that your product isn’t just all hype and buzz, but something that’s already been tested.


Everyone wants to achieve new things, but many people are skeptical of how your product or service can help them do so. “How” lets you introduce the mechanics of your product or service to make prospects more interested and persuaded.


One of the keys to effective advertising is building confidence in your product. By offering a “guarantee,” you remind prospects that they have little to lose by trying your product or service, since you’ll guarantee its value or effectiveness.


Who doesn’t like to learn something new? “Learn” is a fantastic word to use in the marketing of informational and instructional courses, as it immediately shows the audience how they can improve themselves by using your product or system.


Learning is one thing – discovering is another. When you use the word “discover” in your print marketing copy, you frame your product or service’s unique features as a hidden secret that offers great value to people that are aware of it.


There’s no word quite like it – “free” is arguably the most powerful and effective of all of the action words. People love getting something for nothing, and giving away your product for free is a great way to encourage people to take action and try it.

Which action words could enhance your print marketing?

From print advertising to direct mail, using action words can energize your target audience and improve the results of your campaign. Which of the 10 action words above do you think would have the greatest impact on your next campaign?