It's the little things that you do that make your sales soar. A simple plastic brochure holder can make a big difference when it comes to marketing your business and promoting sales. Customers can take home brochures, which can lead to sales and close the deal.

Brochures are a portable marketing tool that can help you sell high-end merchandise by serving as a constant reminder of your retail store and its deals. They will give your customers the reminder that they need in order to make a purchase.

Brochures and Sales

Brochures are pieces of marketing materials used to promote a product or service or a deal. Many people sign up to receive a brochure from their favorite brands in the mail so that they can see the newest seasonal items and purchase them before anyone else.

What many retailers don't know is that brochures can be an effective marketing tool inside the store as well. Brochures will be able to inform your customers about deals, products, and services that you offer with the explanations and information they need to make a purchasing decision.

While the content within the brochure is important, another aspect of the brochures is the actual holder and how it can be effective at helping you promote sales and achieve growth.

What Are the Different Types of Brochure Holders?


These acrylic brochure holders are mounted to the wall and out of the way of tables. Many people choose this option because they can't fall from an accidental bump, get scratched, or break from impact. Sign holders are also another type of wall-mount display that can be used to promote sales. Consider your options and what you are trying to promote when deciding between the two.


Countertop, or tabletop, display stands sit on top of a flat surface, like a table or desk. They are extremely portable because they are not mounted to anything. Tabletop stands can be repositioned if you believe brochures will have a better chance of getting picked up in another location.

Tabletop displays are great for businesses that don't yet know the right location for their brochures. While the general rule of thumb is that brochures are most effective when placed at the entrance or near the shopping carts, you may find another location within your establishment that's better suited for a display.

Single and Multiple Pocket

Brochure holders are typically available as a single pocket or multi-pocket. The multiple pocket display can hold as many as six brochures, so if you have a lot of people picking them up and leaving the store with them, you won't have to replenish it as often as a single pocket display.

Multiple pocket displays are also ideal if you have multiple materials that you want to share with the public. It's possible that you have a deal that you want to promote that isn't in your current brochure, so make sure that you consider all of the materials that you would like to go in the holder.

How Can I Use Brochure Holders?

There are multiple ways to use brochure holders around your retail establishment to boost sales and increase customer leads.

On Countertops

Put your promotional material in front of all of your customers by placing a brochure holder on each countertop. Customers will pick them up as they browse in hopes of finding deals or items that they haven't yet seen, including the high-end merchandise that they might not normally look for.

On Walls

If your customers are drawn to a certain area that doesn't promote any deals, you may want to look into placing brochure holders on a certain wall. For example, if you have a shopping cart section that doesn't have a flat surface nearby, a wall-mounted brochure holder will help put the brochures and promotional materials at the sightlines of your customers, making them more likely to notice them and read through them.

Don't put countertop display holders in places where they can be easily knocked into. You may find that they are most effective on jewelry displays or other flat items where people can view the display and what's inside at eye level. Placing them on a short table may not be as effective as eye level.

Promote Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective marketing methods because you can bring customers coming back each month by charging them just a little less than one-time shoppers. Your loyalty program needs to be promoted and advertised both outside and inside of your store in order for it to be effective. Place the details of the loyalty program in your brochure holders, and make sure to have a business card holder nearby so that customers can pick up your contact information and call you with any questions.

Promote Offers and Discounts

Place a brochure holder or acrylic riserright next to the door and near shopping baskets. Make sure to fill them with your best deals and discounts so that your customers can grab them as soon as they walk in. In doing this, you can bring their attention to certain items that they may not have been interested in purchasing before they stepped through the doors.

Upsell High-End Items

Your customers may not know every item that you sell. By having a brochure available for customers who walk in the door, you can advertise your high-end items. The right brochure holder and print materials are absolutely necessary for upselling customers.

Make sure that you use plastic literature holders that customers can see through so that they know that they can pick up a brochure and discover more items within your store.

Launch New Products

Introduce your new products with a brochure for a product launch that will show customers what it is, where it's located in the store, and why it matters. You can also post in-store advertisements in acrylic frames around the store so customers know that you are launching a new product. For items that may require more of an explanation, a brochure is an effective material for providing customers with the information they need to make a purchase.