Putting your brand's logo on displays using brochure holders is not just a way to label your properties, but it also solidifies your branding and expands your customer base.

You can learn more about the benefits of printing your logo on your displays and the most commonly used printing technique on acrylic screen printing, below.

How to Imprint Your Logo on Acrylic Displays

Imprinting logos on acrylic is usually done through screen printing, also known as silkscreen printing or silk screening. This technique can transfer images on anything flat.

It permits you to feature your logo on any display like brochure holders, office upholstery, company t-shirts, indoor and outdoor wall panels, pen holders, and many more.

The screen printing process involves transferring a stencil design onto an acrylic surface using a screen, ink, and a rubber blade. A mold is printed on a screen made of paper, fabric, metal, plastic, or wood. Then, pushed through towards the acrylic board, which imprints the design.

This technique has six types that can use multiple ink colors, allowing for better customization.

Types of Screen Printing

Halftone Printing

This type of silk screening uses one ink color that gets half-toned, which then produces a different shade when seen from a distance. It is a cost-effective way to achieve a multi-color look since it prints gradients using only one color.

Duotone Printing

Duotone screen printing uses a combination of a couple of halftones of two colors. One halftone uses black ink, and the other is colored ink. The combination generates an artsy effect. A perfect example of how the output looks like a sepia-toned picture.

Spot Color Printing

This is the most common technique. It prints ink through the stencil on the screen or mesh. The image output is a vibrant and consistent spot of color. Spot color printing is ideal for fabric printing.

4-Color Printing or CMYK Printing

CMYK is the most technical silk-screening technique. It can be done manually or automatically. It combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink colors to produce the desired color tones.

Grayscale Printing

This is another cost-effective printing technique and the best choice if you're printing full-color images as one-color halftones. Unlike the monochrome or black and white technique, it pulls from the CMY and RGB colors to produce dotted grayscales.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated printing combines the CMYK and spot color processes. It produces light and dark shades and is ideal when printing photorealistic details.

7 Benefits of Imprinting Logo on Acrylic Holders and Displays

1. Strengthens Brand Awareness and Recognition

Your branding is your identity as a business. The more people recognize and understand it, the higher the potential of them seeking out your product or service.

Screen printing can generate consistent, sharp, and crisp images that allow you to showcase your brand however you want.

2. Intensifies Marketing and Engages Customers

Having your logo or promotional item on any display puts your business in the sight and mind of whoever sees it. Take an acrylic brochure rack in the hospital lobby, for instance. Putting your logo on it will let patients who enter and exit identify you with the services indicated in your pamphlets.

They may reach out to you for your services or recommend you to others they know. It intensifies the recall of your brand by immediately associating you with your specific industry or profession.

Other examples are acrylic sneeze guards in office cubicles and students' desks. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, people look for protective gear and equipment from trusted manufacturers and brands.

Having your logo and contact details on safety panels as such will help you get the word out with matching evidence of a quality product.

3. Stamps Your Brand Identity on Your Property

Having your logos on your marketing materials is like marking them as your property. Whatever is on them—brochures, posters, or sale signs, you can claim them as products of weeks or months of planning and execution. Then, other companies or brands cannot steal or repurpose your display.

4. Is Permanent and Promotes Recycling

Producing display materials costs money. But using acrylic holders, frames, and panels lessens the demand for needing a huge budget. You can recycle them, and your brand identity is present every time if you have your logo on them.

Additionally, acrylic-made containers are cheaper than those constructed from metal and wood. They are also light and easy to clean. They don't require regular cleaning as their nature can hide scratches, fingerprints, and scuffs.

5. Gives a Professional Impression

People come for brands that give a trustworthy impression, which is easily conveyed through a logo.

A well-designed logo on a top-quality sign or container helps elevate your business image. It tells people that you know your game and that you carefully plan before putting out anything that will be seen by the public.

6. Grabs Attention

A logo on a display can quickly grab people's attention. It can also communicate your brand's core values. Given that humans rely a lot on our sense of sight, it is what people remember when they walk away.

7. Fosters Brand Loyalty

Your logo is what separates you from your competitors and is what will feed your customers' craving for consistency. Take it as a point of connection that makes you accessible to all those who want to transact with you.

The Bottomline

Printing logos on acrylic has grown over the years to become the most cost-effective choice for businesses.

The colors are vibrant, and the construction is robust. Plus, the added features, like ultraviolet ray protection and weather-proof technology can surpass wood or metal printing.

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