For a brochure to be considered highly effective, it should succinctly and distinctly detail what your business is all about and what your services can do for customers. If your brochures are poorly made, they'll chase away potential buyers and lead them straight to your competitors.

Some think that in this day and age where practically everything has gone digital, brochures are already irrelevant and not worth putting effort into. This is far from the truth because an excellent brochure can still be instrumental in a lead-focused marketing strategy.

Brochures are handy in several scenarios, be it at a trade show or even just in your store. Spreading information about your business is always a good idea, and a visually appealing brochure is the best way to send your message across.

What Makes a Brochure Great?

This type of brochure is designed in such a way that it can attract a reader's attention, bring useful information, and persuade him to take action.

In order to do this, a brochure should not only be visually arresting, but establish authority and good credibility, plus increase the target audience. The placement of your brochures highly matters as well and should make use of accessories such as sign holders and brochure racks to increase attention and visibility.

Tips in Creating a Successful Brochure

Graphic designers and copywriters work hand-in-hand to achieve the perfect brochure. Even if you don't have your own in-house graphics team, here are some top tips to ensure your brochures always stand out:

Mind Your Fonts

It's easy enough to go overboard with fonts when you start designing for a project. While multiple font styles work for you, it generally confuses or discourages others and may get turned off by your brochure.

Practice restraint when choosing which fonts to use in your brochure design. If your company already has a signature font or one that you usually use, you can go from there and add one or two if really needed without straying too far from the look of your primary font.

Get Straight to the Point

Most people do not have the time and patience to read through preliminaries. This is why you must make your point and say your message right away when it comes to crafting the copy of your brochure. Avoid the temptation of listing down the achievements and success of your company - not all are interested in that and would rather like to know what you're offering, straight up.

Too much information will just dilute the main point of your brochure and confuse your readers. Focus on the points that will immediately catch the attention of your target market in such a way that readers will easily understand.

Unleash Your Uniqueness and Creativity

You need to be creative in order to set your brand apart from your competitors. Uniqueness is paramount given the staggering levels of creativity that designers have in this day and age.

Simply put, the look of your brochures should be as original as can be and easily recognizable. Your brochure design should stand out among the other leaflets in the display rack. Creativity is essential in fortifying the brand's identity.

Use Well-Selected Images

People are visual creatures and they will not be so interested in a brochure that has no or little pictures. No matter how well-crafted your words are, it will not get the attention it deserves if they are not complemented with striking images.

For truly stunning design, make an effort to go beyond using generic images. If you have the budget to shoot your own photos, don't hesitate to make good use of them.

Add a Call-to-Action

Do not let your efforts go to waste by making sure that you include a call-to-action copy in your brochures. Even the most beautiful brochures will not work if there's nothing in them that motivates readers to sample what you're offering or get in touch with you. Never assume that your readers will go to your event or buy your product just because you have an awesomely designed brochure.

Make It Easy For People to Contact You

People should be able to spot your contact information easily on display. Use good placement and readable font for your name, website, email address, and other details. Include all social media accounts that you're using. QR codes are very popular now, so consider using them.

Use High-Quality Paper

A brochure made of flimsy paper is just like giving a weak handshake. When your material is made of high-quality paper, it gives the impression that your business is in good standing and has the means to market confidently. Never mind that better paper is pricier; it's worth the investment when it comes to branding and giving your customers the right impression.

Consider Placement

Your beautiful brochure design is useless if people can't see it. You have to be strategic when it comes to the placement of your display materials. You have to identify the areas of high traffic where your brochures are in the line of vision and they cannot help but notice it. Once they have seen your brochure from a highly visible place, your striking design will draw their attention and lure them to check it out.

You also need to make sure that your materials are always upright on display and will stay in place. This is what sign holders and display racks are for. They come in various sizes to accommodate different brochures and leaflets; what's more, sign holders are made of durable acrylic material that is easy to clean and can be used for years to come.

Let Your Brochures Shine With Displays and Holders

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