In the fiercely competitive world of retail, getting your brochure into a customer’s hands – and later in the marketing process, into their home – can be the difference between success and failure.

One of the most important aspects of successful effective marketing is making sure your brochures are highly visible within your store and easy for customers to pick up, put inside their bag and carry home with them.

In this guide, we’ll share five ways that you can use a plastic brochure holder as an immensely powerful and effective tool to improve brand recognition and generate leads, sales and recurring customers for your business.

Place a brochure holder on your shop’s countertop

Only a small percentage of consumers go out of their way to pick up your brochure while shopping in your store. This makes it essential that your brochures are kept in an easy-to-access location that shoppers can easily see.

A great place to keep your brochure holder is on your store’s countertop. This has two key benefits – it’s extremely easy for customers to see and access, and because its on the countertop, it will appeal to customers as they complete their purchases.

Keep brochures close to sale items and in-store exhibits

There’s a reason supermarkets locate their heavily discounted sale items close to in-store exhibits – people associate the value that the sale items offer with other items inside the store, leading to increased spending.

Since sale items attract a lot of attention, it’s a great idea to keep your brochures in a nearby location. When shoppers pay attention to a sale item, they’ll see the brochure and pick it up due to the link between the value of the sale item and the brochure.

Offer a loyalty program and promote it using brochures

Loyalty programs are excellent marketing tools for retailers, especially if you sell a product or service that people buy frequently. Offering a discount of special deal for returning customers sets your store apart from the competition, creating loyalty.

The best way to promote your loyalty program is through your brochure. Keep your brochures on your store’s countertop and offer them to customers as they complete their purchases to maximize the number of people that sign up.

Advertise your best deals, offers and special discounts

When used effectively, brochures can quickly make your retail store’s target market aware of its best deals, sales and offers. Mix your in-store brochures with direct mail by sending brochures listing your best deals to the local community.

Direct mail is a great complement to in-store brochure marketing because it allows your business to access an entirely new audience. Once new customers enter your store, you can market to them further using a brochure-based promotion.

List your company’s phone number and website URL

Brochures might be thought of as an old-fashioned marketing method, but they’re often far from it. Listing your phone number and website URL on your brochure is an excellent way to generate steady traffic and calls from the community.

Many people keep their brochures on the countertop or stick them to their fridge, referencing them when they need a specific product or service. If your brochure is well designed and written with sales in mind, it will generate plenty of phone calls.

Could your business generate more leads using brochures?

Regardless of whether your business sells consumer electronics or real estate, an effectively designed and well written brochure is often the key to turning the local community into a loyal audience of customers.

Is your business currently generating leads using brochures? If your business has a local audience and depends on customer loyalty, investing in brochure marketing is a great way to generate recurring sales and develop customer loyalty.