How effective is your retail signage in achieving your marketing goals? While almost all retail businesses use signage to bring customers into their stores, few businesses optimize their signage to be as effective as possible.

By using the right fonts, choosing the right color combinations and designing with a clear goal in mind, your business can achieve far more from its signage in attracting customers to your store and increasing retail sales.

Many of the most effective ways to improve your retail signage aren’t complicated or difficult, but extremely straightforward. In this blog post, we’ll share five simple but effective tricks to make your signage more eye-catching and effective.

Choose bold, powerful typefaces

How powerful is your retail sign’s text? Using a powerful, easy-to-read font makes your marketing message easier to notice and understand. This can often be all the difference between attracting a potential customer and being ignored.

Choose bold, powerful typefaces that get your message across and stand out from the crowd. Your choice of font can often be the difference between a sign that has real presence and a sign that blends into its surroundings.

Use short, punchy headlines

One of the most important rules of marketing is to keep things simple. The more complicated your marketing message becomes, the less effective it’s likely to be in attracting your target audience.

Use short, punchy headlines on your signs so that your marketing message gets to your audience as quickly and easily as possible. Try to limit your headlines to five words to keep them short, simple, direct and highly effective.

Create contrast using colors

The colors that you use in your marketing materials, and particularly in signage, can have a huge effect on your response rate. Choose a pair of colors that contrast and it can drastically increase your sign’s visibility.

Choose a pair of colors that are almost the same as each other, however, and you’ll see your signage blend into its surroundings. Pick high-contrast color combinations like black and white, red and black or yellow and blue to improve readability.

Keep your message simple

It’s not just your headline that should be simple. From your headline to your sign’s copy, every aspect of your marketing should communicate your message in as little text as possible.

How long does it take your business to communicate its value proposition? Instead of being wordy in your marketing, keep your copy short and to-the-point so that it’s possible for prospective customers to immediately understand what your offer is.

Write and design for action

What is the end goal of your sign? Some signs encourage customers to come inside your store and browse your range of products, while others might encourage people to remember your brand and drop in at some point in the future.

Always design your signage with a goal in mind. If your goal is immediate action, it’s important to make sure your sign includes a clear call to action. If your goal is brand recognition, it’s important that your retail signage clearly emphasizes your brand.