All successful business owners and operators know that the trick to increasing sales is finding the right customer for the right product at the right time, this could be made possible by using acrylic sign holders to display your product information.

The best time to utilize persuasive selling techniques is your shoppers are browsing your store or your diners are flipping through the menu. You can guide them to eventually purchase something that they may not have known they wanted.

Acrylic sign holders play a prominent role in a successful sales strategy.

What Are Acrylic Sign Holders?

Made of hard, transparent plastic, acrylic sign holders are durable stands for table tent signs that come in various shapes and sizes. From book style to six-sided tents, these multiple use display signs can be the key to increasing sales.

Let's take a look at the five sales tricks embodied within these advertising gems.

  1. Create an Experience

Today's consumer prefers to spend money on an experience, or at least the promise of one. A survey conducted by Momentum Worldwide, a global advertising agency, revealed that a whopping 76% of all consumers would choose to spend money on an experience over a material item.

While this news may appear on the negative bent for retail sales, with the right displays and messaging, in-store sales can definitely lay claim to an experience.

Whether a restaurant, retail store, product-or service-oriented business, the customer journey from lead to customer to brand-loyal consumer relies on focused messaging. Clear, targeted, innovative point-of-sale promotions increase sales.

Create a harmonious color design by staying true to your brand's vision. Use the same voice throughout your targeted displays. Is your business light and upbeat? Make sure your marketing promotions correspond.

Create your displays with the customer experience in mind. Can you share a story about the product you're promoting? Does the company source sustainable suppliers for the various pieces that go into creating their product or service or food?

According to an Accenture survey, more than half of all consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

  1. Use the Power of Limited Time Offers

The psychology of humans is such that we want what we can't have - whether it’s a person, dessert, or the last-of-its-kind coat we just saw another shopper walk off with. We search the rack in vain while deciding if bribery is in order, regardless of the fact that we only caught a sideways glance at the must-have garment.

This is the power of limited time offers (LTO)—those exclusive purchases that make buyers feel special. Use this marketing technique for low stock notices, seasonal offers, and limited edition items.

Restaurants have used the LTO approach for decades, from Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte to Royal Caribbean's last-minute, almost-fully-booked cruise.

Advertise these LTOs using the same brand-focused, color-coordinated signage you slipped into your acrylic sign holders.

  1. Take Advantage of Those First Few Seconds

Information and product overload define the 21st century. Consumers learned to make quick decisions instead of musing over the massive choices laid before them.

One surveyrevealed that if shoppers don't find what they intend to buy within 8-10 seconds, they'll walk away. The average time a diner spends looking over a restaurant's menu is 109 seconds. Time is precious, choices are many, and if you don't entice a consumer in the first few seconds, your chances at a sale diminish.

Use sign holders to place valuable information that can be read quickly and easily by busy customers at the point-of-sale.

Restaurants use signage to post their signature dish or their daily special. Retail stores engage shoppers with promotions and sales events. Big, bold, and simple—remember, you only have a few seconds.

  1. Secure a Customer's Loyalty

Existing customers loyal to a specific brand create the cornerstones of a successful business. Obtaining new customers costs about five times more than keeping current customers, and creating brand-loyal clients from potential customers results in the more purchased product.

In fact, increasing customer retention by just 5% results in increased profits of 25% to 95%. Your chances of selling to a potential customer fall into the 5%-20% range, while the success rate of selling your product to a current customer rises to 60%-70%.

Considering that 84% of Americans are loyal to specific retailers, it's clear that customers want to engage with a brand. So, just how do you create these brand-loyal consumers?

Use acrylic sign holders to advertise your loyalty program, and create posts on your social media pages, then be sure to keep active on those accounts and create engaging content.

  1. Use Persuasive Marketing to Help Increase Sales

Successful marketing means customers arrive, buy your product, and then convert to long-term purchasers.

Persuasive marketing remains a significant key to that equation. This marketing strategy has been in existence since people first started to sell their product and wares, from the market of ancient Rome to the street vendors in Athens.

Here's the key to using acrylic sign holders for persuasive marketing strategies:

  • Post a message that teaches and delights. Share a short backstory about a product's humble beginnings. Did you know that Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online bookstore in his garage?

  • Post a picture that captures your customer's imagination and internal wanderings. Place the product you're selling in a seductive environment. A towel, the product you're trying to sell, lies on a white sandy tropical beach; two happy and warm people sip a fine cognac by a blazing fire.

  • Post a caption that is friendly, lively, and knowledgeable, and make every word count. Think about a market strategy that caught your attention and didn't let go. Nike's Just Do It prompted a whole generation to put on their tennis shoes and start moving.

  • Consider a market strategy targeted at the subconscious minds of your new and existing clients. According to a Harvard Professor, 95% of our purchasing decisions stem from our elusive, unconscious urges. Emotions drive our purchasing behavior and successful market strategies always take this fact into account. Passion, self-worth, love, and joy—these are a few of the emotions embraced in a product marketing strategy.

Choose the Right Sign Holders

We are committed to providing displays that help our clients achieve success through targeted new product marketing strategies.

Our acrylic sign holders and table tents come in over 18 styles, provide a tool that allows operators to change information on a regular basis, and are easily cleaned and moved to different products.

To find out how inexpensive this type of marketing can be, contact us at Displays and Holders today.