One of the hardest parts for any retail business is to get foot traffic into the store and turn the prospects into buyers. Most business owners simply do not know how to promote their brand and might be getting the whole process wrong for the most part. An advantage of brick and mortar stores is the ability to tap into the immersive customer experience that comes with a physical store. Aside from top-notch retail signage and attractive graphics, you also have the opportunity to be as creative as possible when it comes to promotional ideas. From window displays to acrylic brochure holders, here we look at the most effective tools to promote your product or service.

1. Vary the height, color and depth of various elements in your store

Most retailers make the common mistake of going for one-dimensional displays that lack a strong visual appeal or depth. This makes everything seem dull and boring which is counterproductive to your promotional efforts. One of the most profound tactics is to use a strong 3-dimensional appeal. By varying the height of various merchandise or products and hanging some from the ceiling or even raising some items on a pedestal, you could be drawing the deserved attention to the particular item. Placing some items on a background color is also a proven strategy for drawing the attention of shoppers. People love a sense of hierarchy and will inevitably be drawn to anything that is conspicuous.

2. Make good use of the window display

When it comes to window displays, the options are limitless and you could be as creative as you like as long as you convey the intended message effectively. It is estimated that window displays alone influence about 24% of sales in most retail stores, according to a research by NPD group. The trick here is to use a strong and intriguing statement for your retail promotion to make sure those passing by will want to take a look into your store. If you have any ongoing promotions like a limited discount or free giveaways, the window display is a perfect place for advertising.

3. Use effective retail signage

In-store retail signage has a huge impact on customer behavior and could be the difference between splendid sales and the not-so-great results. A highly effective signage will motivate customers to take action as well as give them a reason to buy your product or service. If you want an effective signage to promote your new product or service, we can help you through the process by giving you custom displays and acrylic brochure holders that are tailored for your retail business.

4. Brochure displays

A brochure display is a handy marketing tool for getting information out there about your business, product or service where you place business postcards and flyers for new customers to learn more about what you are offering. There exists a huge variety of holder models, ranging in size and design to suit various business needs. Whether you are looking for a countertop brochure holder to tap into the traffic at the checkout or a wall-mount brochure holder, we have the perfect solution for your retail business needs. Our display-experts will help your business get the highest return on investment when it comes to this type of in-store display.

5. Leverage on the power of social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are ideal for acquiring new customers and retaining the ones you already have. A simple request to follow your business page or share news about your new product or service could result in leads and future sales. But first, you will want to know where your target customers mostly reside if you want an effective sales strategy, is it Facebook or Instagram? Ultimately, the best channels for promoting your product or service will depend upon several factors. One of which will involve the quality of your display and how well your tap into in-store displays. We can help you with promoting your business by designing custom displays for your retail store to help you generate more sales and revenue.