Is your retail store marketing itself as effectively as it could? Many retail stores use direct mail, digital advertising and other marketing methods very effectively, all the while ignoring the immense power or retail signage and posters.

When used effectively, in-store posters can increase your retail store’s revenue, lead to higher sales of certain items and help you increase the average amount spent per customer in your store.

Would you like to learn how to use wall posters to your advantage? Read on to learn four ways that you can usewall postersto improve your retail store’s sales, generate more interest from customers and create a powerful brand.

Showcase your top-selling items

What are your retail store’s top-selling items? Every store has items that sell better than others, and directing customers to them is a fantastic way to improve sales and produce more revenue.

By showcasing your top-selling items using wall posters, you can encourage people that are already in your store to increase the size of their purchase by adding new items to their shopping carts.

The effect of a poster or two promoting your top items – particularly items that are affordable – can be huge. Try promoting your most popular upsell items using wall posters to improve your retail store’s revenue per customer.

Direct customers to sale areas

Is your store having a sale? Sales are great marketing tools for attracting new people to your retail store, but customers will often only spend a few moments viewing the most heavily discounted items before leaving.

A great way to use a sale to your advantage is to hang wall posters that direct people throughout your store from a sale area. Attract people using a sale, then direct them to view your most popular products or top-selling, high-margin items.

Many customers who’ve visited your store to purchase sale items will add additional items to their shopping carts this way, increasing your store’s total sales and leading to a higher per-customer average spend.

Mention your great post-sale support

You don’t need to mention specific products to improve your retail store’s sales with wall posters. One great way to increase your retail store’s revenue is to mention the great post-sale support your business offers.

If you offer a fantastic warranty for many items, mention it in your wall posters. If your staff have excellent technical skills and product knowledge, talk about their ability to troubleshoot common problems and provide hands-on support.

Great customer service and post-sale support is often all it takes to convert someone from interested in a product into ready to purchase. Mention your post-sale support using wall posters to highlight the huge value your company offers its customers.

Promote your loyalty club offer

Does your retail business have a loyalty club? Loyalty clubs are great ways to keep customers coming back for repeat purchases, whether through a recurring discount or through a points-based shopping system.

If your retail store has a loyalty club, promote it using wall posters so that shoppers enquire when they purchase something from your store. Mentioning the offers and rewards your program provides is an excellent way to increase total sales.

Not only do loyalty clubs increase customer loyalty – they also give you a direct line of contact with your target audience, allowing your retail store to deliver targetedmarketing communicationsto its customers and increase recurring sales.