When used effective, in-store signage can be a powerful marketing tool for any retail business. The right signs can significantly increase awareness of your best products, encourage customers to join your loyalty program and increase total sales.

One of the keys to effectively using in-store signage is making sure your retail store has the right sign holders and accessories. High quality sign holders give your signs a more professional look and make them far more visible to customers.

From your store’s countertop to between products in an aisle, good sign holders are ideal for making your signs more visible and noticeable for shoppers, regardless of their specific location within your store.

Buy low quality sign holders and your signs could become less visible to shoppers and look less professional, leading to less effective results. In this post, we’ll share four essential features and characteristics to look for in a retail sign holder.

Sturdy construction

Since most in-store signage is printed on relatively thin paper, in-store sign holders don’t necessarily need to be able to support a lot of weight. Despite this, high quality construction is a necessity due to the wear many sign holders need to deal with.

From being bumped off your store’s countertop accidentally – a common issue for retail stores that often have queues near the counter – to being brushed by carts in the aisles of your store, sign holders deal with a surprising amount of wear.

When you’re buying sign holders for your store, choose high quality models that are built using thick plastic. This prevents them from cracking or suffering damage from normal use – something that’s surprisingly common with thin sign holders.

Easy paper insertion

Does your store frequently run sales and promotions? If you run frequent discount offers and promotions, you’ll need to choose sign holders that allow you to change your in-store signage quickly and easily.

Make sure you choose plastic sign holders that are top or side loaded – this allows you to easily slide out the existing signage and replace it with a new sign without having to spend too much time with each specific unit.

Being able to switch signs in and out quickly means you’ll spend less time replacing signs when running a promotion or in-store sale, letting you spend more time on the aspects of your business that matter the most.

Great sign visibility

One of the most important aspects of marketing is visibility. The more visible your signage is, the greater its effect. No matter how well designed your signs are or how engaging your copy is, without visibility your marketing will rarely have an impact.

The quality of plastic used in your sign holder and the design of the holder have an incredible impact on its visibility. Cheap, low quality sign holders often use plastic that’s not completely transparent, reducing the visibility of your in-store signage.

Make sure you choose high quality plastic sign holders that are built for maximum durability and visibility. Remember that many shoppers will spot your sign out of the corner of their eye and then pay attention, making optimal visibility essential.

Customizable sizing

Are all of your in-store signs the same size? In the world of retail, different sizes of in-store signage are used for different purposes – a large sign might be ideal for an exhibit or checkout counter, while a small sign is perfect for product pricing.

When you’re shopping for sign holders, make sure a wide variety of different sizes and dimensions are available. This will let you use the same type of sign holders for all of your in-store signage, creating visual consistency that’s great for shoppers.

From vertical advertising frames ideal for catalogs and large-print signage to small, horizontal sign holders suitable for pricing information and smaller print copy, the various different sizes of sign holders all serve a different in-store purpose.