Coming up with an eye-catching lobby sign for your office space is no easy feat. But using brochure holders to hold your leaflets having the right font, colors, and materials, you’ll be able to get customers’ attention.

Achieve a captivating sign with a unique, creative impact that leaves a great impression on your customers, guests, and employees.

Lobby signs for your business need not be boring and conventional. You can make that area of your office stand out using ones that look like decorative art displays for anyone to marvel at, and when you want to take your imagination to the next level with lobby designs unlike any other, then settle for nothing less than creative acrylic lobby signs.

Acrylic is among the most versatile materials used in different types of displays. With acrylic, you have a wide array of options for vibrant imagery, detailed etching, varying dimensions, and vivid colors.

You can make acrylic signage work for your lobby in the most creative ways possible while also conveying your brand’s strongest values.

Plus, acrylic lobby signs are lightweight, easy to install, very durable, and long-lasting. Excited to find out the many wonders you can do with acrylic lobby signs? Here are some ideas to help you design your lobby sign with acrylic and deliver a one-of-a-kind lobby experience.

Go for Hanging Signs that Add Visual Interest 

Turn customers’ heads the moment they enter your lobby by hanging unique acrylic signs off of the walls. You can also use cable and rod displays to add dimension to your acrylic lobby signs. 

Hanging acrylic signs off of the wall will not only enrich your office lobby and help your business promote your brand’s signature identity but will also set the mood for your space and deliver an exquisite visual experience.  

You can also add depth to your display or sign by using multi-layered acrylic cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Create Stunning 3D Effects

Nothing quite like three-dimensional (3D) acrylic signs to make a bold statement and add that wow factor to your lobby. Don’t be afraid to adorn your lobby with elements that pop out of the wall or are mounted on any other surface.

You can also use a solid background color for the acrylic sign or have a wall graphic and a multi-layered acrylic sign as a backdrop.

Potential customers react more strongly to 3D acrylic signs so you can use them to your advantage and maximize every opportunity to boost customer engagement. One of the best ways to draw attention to your brand is to put up a 3D acrylic logo sign and make it a focal point of your lobby.

Contour-cut acrylic signage gives your lobby a cutting-edge and sophisticated look. These borderless, 3D designs give you the creative freedom to craft unique shapes that will enhance your lobby space and make it more innovative.

3D acrylic lobby signs can also serve a practical purpose and help visitors and guests find their way around the building. Arrows or text that project out of the wall, enhanced by a thin, outside border that’s added to the edges of the acrylic sign, work well to make locations more apparent. 

Make Your Walls Pop with Acrylic Lobby Signs 

What better way to convey your business story and promote your products and services than to use high-quality, customized acrylic lobby signs that excite and impress? 

Visually appealing graphics and acrylic signs on the walls of your lobby or reception area are creative and strategic ways to reinforce branding messages and provide customers with the right information about your company. 

Whether you want acrylic signs that showcase your company values or those that highlight a timeline of your company’s most memorable events or milestones, acrylic lobby signs can be customized according to your needs and specifications.

Plus, you’ll be able to achieve an elegant and professional look without spending too much. 

Go Bold With Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters are durable, economical, customizable, and movable options if you’re after a contemporary, modern look for your lobby. Acrylic cut-out letters and panel signs are popular choices for lobbies because of the variety of tailor-made alternatives that can fit any office decor and style.

Choose from clear, glossy, frosted, or green class acrylic and top it off with unique complementary finishes and textures. You can also create a floating effect by flush mounting the acrylic letters to the wall.

Use Acrylic to Boost Workplace Safety and Well-Being

And while you’re pondering over the most ingenious ways to make your lobby signs cut above the rest, make sure that you also invest in adding an excellent layer of protection in your high-traffic areas.  

Displays & Holders has got everything you need to help you maintain safe and healthy work environments that keep your employees, customers, and guests protected at all times.

Our finest selection of acrylic sneeze guards, both countertop and hanging, are space-saving and surefire solutions to preventing cross-contamination and the spread of viruses. These essential tools will help your business maintain health protocols and guidelines and provide exceptional service to your customers.

Take the safety and protection of your business to new heights with acrylic brochure holders for your reception desks.

These affordable and effective sign holders will not only help you promote your products and services to potential consumers but will also ensure that your marketing efforts remain safe for everyone.

Our acrylic sneeze guards and acrylic brochure holders are very easy to install and can easily be removed for cleaning and sterilization. With Displays & Holders on your side, you can expect the highest quality marketing and safety supplies at competitive prices. 

Get Started With Acrylic Lobby Signs That Make An Impact

Trust our expert team to guide you through the right acrylic lobby sign customizations that match your budget, needs, and requirements.

We go above and beyond to make your lobby come to life with extraordinary acrylic displays that welcome customers in style and compel them to learn more about your brand.

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