Teachers, staff, and office administrators know just how many signs and posters are needed to make a school a safe, colorful, and fun place to be. Before you start putting nails and tape on the wall though, consider switching to a more sustainable and easy way to hold up your signs, like acrylic sign display.

Not only do we offer our durable sign holders at a very low price, but they are also easy to clean and manage, which is perfect for a busy and bustling environment such as a school. You will be able to keep your signs looking fresh and readable all year long!

Below, you will find out four of the best ways to integrate our display and plexiglass sign holders perfectly at your school, as well as some fun tips and tricks so that you can make your signs are displayed in prominent places.

1. Mount Near Doors and Exits

The number one priority at any school or office is the safety of children and staff. That is why each room should display key safety information, such as for fire escapes, earthquake drills, and other rules designed to keep the kids safe. A clear sign holder is super easy to mount on a wall and will keep the sign safe from all types of wear and tear.

It is common practice in education to display this information inside each classroom as well as at key points around the school, such as main entrances and near stairwells.

Students will be able to see any essential sign if it is kept safe in one of our durable display, which will create a safer learning environment for everyone. This also prevents material from falling to the floor, which can happen when you're just hanging signs up with tape or staples.

2. Place on Desks and Counters

When you interview or meet with parents and students, it can be especially helpful to display key information and brochures on tables or counters in brochure holders or in frames. These accessories are essential to any office environment and will ensure that everyone has access to important documents and materials.

An acrylic display frame is also useful when sharing key information for visitors to the school. This can include how to get a guest badge, how to find your way around the building, and other useful information.

These signs should be placed in easy view, which means in a prominent place such as a counter top or desk instead of on the floor or wall. A plastic display frame is useful for this type of material because it will draw people's attention.

Our display sign holders are especially helpful as you can view the information without needing to remove it from the holder. This keeps things clean and sanitary, which is more important than ever these days.


3. Use Acrylic Frames Inside the Classroom

A well-rounded education will often call for the use of many different teaching methods and techniques. Using an acrylic frame to convey a message to pupils is one such tactic that can make information easily accessible to students.

If you are a teacher, it is great to get creative with how you place these signs around the room. For example, try placing signs in these places around your classroom:

  • In storage spaces: you can use acrylic holders to store paper and other supplies that are essential for learning. You will quickly discover that these holders are essential accessories in any room.
  • On tables and desks: depending on what you are teaching each day, you can place signs on desks and classroom tables to aid learning or to set out the objectives of the day. Some teachers also find it useful to place name markers in acrylic holders. Unlike other furniture that might be kept in the room, your students are more likely to see and read the signs if they are kept in common areas like their desks.
  • At eye-level: as a teacher, you will want to place signs where they will be read. Make a note of the average age and height of your pupils and aim to place signs where they can be seen easily around the room. That means signs that have been mounted at the wall should be adjusted to a lower height for younger children.
  • Next to learning boards: most classrooms will have either white boards or chalk boards to guide students throughout the lesson. However, it can be useful to mount a holder for signs nearby that can contain further learning material or even worksheets to be taken by the students.

4. Install Outside

It can also be very useful to have an outdoor sign holder installed near the main entryway of the school. This will protect paper from the elements while still informing parents about important updates or events happening at the school or in the wider community.

Acrylic is a great material for protecting outdoor signs because it is waterproof, durable, and lightweight, which means it is easy to install and maintain.

Protect your signs with our heavy-duty acrylic holders, designed to withstand the elements!

Choosing the Right Sign Holders for Your School

Our frames and acrylic displays have been carefully designed and crafted to suit all needs. We have many different options that will suit all types of furniture and space requirements.

We also understand that school budgets can be tight, which is why the price of our products is always kept affordable. From strong acrylic to a price you can't beat, we are confident that our signage holders will be perfect for your school.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions you might have about our products. You can reach a member of our team by calling our customer service number at 866.235.1216 or via our email address info@displaysandholders.com. We're always happy to assist you here at Displays and Holders.