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Acrylic Picture Frames

Acrylic Picture Frames

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Acrylic Picture Frames

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Acrylic Frames for Pictures

For those that strive to associate their brand image with terms like "quality", "premium", "luxury" then these acrylic frames are for you! Using thick acrylic in combination with curved modern designs utilizing magnets or standoffs our premium sign holders will WOW you and your customers.

When it comes to signage in your store, you want something that stands out so that your customers see all that you have to offer and more. Whether you’re advertising sales opportunities or want to point out that you carry a well-known brand, you need acrylic frames that demonstrate quality. With thick acrylic frameless picture frames, you’ll quickly modernize the look and feel of your retail establishment, bringing in more vibrant and enthusiastic customers. When many customers come into retail stores, their eyes are searching for one thing—the products you offer. It’s difficult to grab their attention and make them look at something as simple as signage when the signage isn’t level with their gaze. Acrylic picture frames allow you to catch that gaze of your customer, if only for a moment, to grab their attention and make them look at what you’re advertising to increase sales and maintain customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at the benefits of acrylic picture frames:

The Benefits of Acrylic Frames

Cost-Efficient: When buying in bulk, these displays are low-cost.

Easy: They’re easy to change when information changes and easy to clean so that you can keep them looking new.

Versatile: Plastic Photo display information easily, whether it’s deals or a certain place to find items.

Lightweight: These frames can be easily moved from place to place and across the store without hassle.

Durable: Acrylic Picture Holders are extremely durable, so if a picture frame happens to take a tumble, it can easily be picked up without a scratch on it.

Customizable: We’re able to customize displays to fit your need. Don’t see a size you’d like listed on our website? We’ll customize one just for you.

Wall Mounted vs. Table Top Photo Displays

There are two different types of displays you could use around your retail store: wall mounted and table top. Depending on the way your shop has been set up, you may see more benefits with one than the other, but there really is no one better option.

Wall Mounted Sign Holders

Wall mounted displays are securely attached to the wall and come in a few different sizes, ranging from business card sizes to a poster-size display that will attract any busy shopper’s eye. Whether you’re using these to remind shoppers of deals or events, or just to boast about your achievement by placing awards in them, you can be rest-assured that these will catch your customer’s attention. Here is a list of just some of the organizations that use acrylic wall frames:

Banks: Banks will use wall mounted sign holders to promote credit card options, the different accounts they offer, and even their achievements.

Restaurants: Restaurants may use wall-mounted sign holders for certificates from the Board of Health to show their customers that they’ve passed inspection. They may also frame positive reviews and popular menu items.

Travel Agencies: What better way to show off the destinations people can visit than to have a large advertisement of a beautiful view? You’ll see these often when visiting travel agencies.

While wall mounted sign holders are attractive for businesses who don’t normally change their images, they are stationary and not easily moved from place to place because they are mounted on the wall. If placed correctly in your establishment, where customers will frequently pass by and see it, these acrylic wall frames would be a welcome addition to your decor.

Table Top Arylic Photo Displays

Like their wall mounted counterpart, these plastic picture frames are sleek and attention-grabbing. The main benefit of table top picture frames is portability. They easily rest on a flat surface and can be moved from place to place around your store. Since they do not need to be put on walls for stability, you can put them close to your customer. You can even choose to use frames that are angled, so that if a frame happens to be placed on a surface that is lower than the customer’s sightline, the frame angles up for them to read it easily.


You’ll find these in:

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars: Table top frames often hold drink menus, specials, and current deals so that customers can easily pick them up to read about any offers. They also can be used to promote dessert while they sit near customers with an image of a delectable dessert item throughout the diner’s entire meal.

Retail Establishments: These frames can be easily moved along with the items retailers carry. They can reflect certain brands, sizes, and show images of how items are to be used.

Front Desks at Businesses: Acrylic table top frames may be used at front desks to help welcome people to any business and provide them with necessary information without the need for a receptionist.

Table top frames are best for businesses who have a lot of flat surface space, such as counters and desks to easily grab the attention of customers. Because they aren’t mounted to anything, they do run the risk of being knocked over by customers and other people passing by, but because they are acrylic, damage will be minimal.

Using Both Types of Displays for Visibility

While you may be wondering which type of frame would be best for your business, both can prove beneficial. There are a few disadvantages to both: the wall mounted frames may not be seen depending on the current set-up of your business, and the table top frames can easily be knocked over. When you use both kinds, you’ll be able to advertise deals, destinations, achievements, and everything in-between more effectively. Take something as simple as a sales promotion. If you use a wall-mounted frame in the entranceway, customers will see it as soon as they walk in. You can then use the portable table top frames to remind them of your amazing deals throughout their journey in your retail establishment.

If you have another sort of business, or a place where you gather with employees or clients, both wall mounted displays and table top frames make a great addition to your office to show off your achievements and qualifications.


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