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Memo Pad / Sticky Note Holders

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Memo Pad / Sticky Note Holders

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    Cube Holder

    3"wide x 2"high x 3"deep
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    Memo Holder in Cube Design

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Whether you are outfitting a large office with numerous workstations or buying items to be used as giveaways to customers and vendors, office and desktop items make great buys. From paperclip trays to memo paper holders acrylic displays are economical, useful and a great promotional tool.

For in-house use, these types of displays are useful for a number of reasons. They are durable. And if they do get broken or lost they are easily replaced because they are so low cost. They bring a very modern, utilitarian look to an office space too.

As giveaways, these items can be personalized to include company name, logo or contact information. That way your business is in constant sight on the desk of your recipients. Your thoughtful gift will be used and remembered because it is practical and something everyone can use. With your business information right there in front of them you will be the first one they call when they need your products or services.

Another useful display item often found in an office environment is a book holder. When doing research, these handy accessories keep the book propped up reducing the strain on the eyes and neck from bending over to see the pages. It also frees the hands for writing or typing and can increase productivity.

By combining these desktop and office displays with your other displays and marketing tools, you can create a complete marketing package. Acrylic holders really do provide significant value for the cost.

Can these products really provide advantages? Consider these benefits:

  • Items available for a wide range of needs
  • Lightweight material is easy to carry and move
  • Acrylic is sturdy and simple to clean Items are low cast and costs decrease with larger purchases
  • Items can be modified to reflect your designs
  • Customization is available has been supplying businesses of all types with holders and displays for 26 years. They have developed a reputation for high quality at reasonable prices. Call us at (866) 235-1216 for your custom ideas on acrylic displays today or see the range of products that can help promote your business.

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