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No matter what you sell, if you’re a retailer, you can increase your sales and encourage more customers to take action using in-store signage.

Almost all retailers are aware of the importance of signage. Despite this, many retail stores use signage that’s ineffective at best, and outright bad at worst. From poor messaging to readability problems, many signs that could be effective fall short because of easily avoidable errors.

From window displays to product displays, effective use of retail signage in your store can drive sales, encourage more customers to sign up for loyalty deals and special offers, and massively increase your visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

Would you like to generate more revenue from your existing customers? Below, we’ve listed four simple but highly effective ways you can use in-store signage to boost sales, increase average revenue per customer, and grow your retail business.

Give customers a reason to buy specific products

Many retailers use signage to draw attention to products, but few use signs to give customers a reason to buy a specific product.

Every product has features and benefits. The features of a television, for example, are its size, display resolution, speakers, input and output ports, “smart” technology and more. These are the specific features that make up the product, and they’re moderately strong selling points.

The problem with focusing on features is that they’re not a strong source of motivation for the majority of customers. Only a small percentage of customers will buy a television because of features -- far more people are persuaded by benefits.

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