Brochure holders are necessary tools in the world of marketing. Whether you’re a new store owner or a seasoned veteran, outdoor brochure stands are a valuable asset to any business.

If you run a new business looking to make a splash or a large corporation trying to get your name into the hands of consumers, these tools can get your ad anywhere from sidewalks to storefront glass that will help get your name out there.

Plus, they help communicate your message directly into your consumer’s hands instead of being lost in the catalog clutter on countertops.

But before you start dropping cash on a bunch of displays, make sure you follow a few easy tips to ensure the ideal marketing displays are in use.

What is an Outdoor Brochure Holder?

An outdoor brochure holder is a portable product that allows you to display promotional materials outdoors.

It is designed for outside spaces like retail stores, cafés, waiting areas, or public bus stops so that it can allow you to distribute information or advertising of your products to your potential customers without having to chase them!

Distributing flyers, pamphlets, and brochures has never been easier with the simple-to-use outdoor brochure holder.

Types of Outdoor Brochure Holders

There are various types of outdoor sign holders available in the market aimed at giving a firm structure to the contents enclosed.

They make sure that the contents are intact and can be used either for marketing purposes or for creating awareness among the customers.

  • Wall-Mounted Brochure Holders

Many high street stores use wall-mounted leaflet dispensers for marketing their products or services.

A good quality wall-mounted leaflet holder can be designed to hang at different angles to accommodate displays of leaflets, magazines, brochures, or papers.

These aluminum wall bar kits and high-impact styrene leaflet pockets enable you to easily mount several brochures in different sizes and shapes onto one display.

  • Rotating Brochure Holders

There's a lot to be said for rotating brochure holders, as they allow you to customize the message you want to convey.

They can increase customer traffic and encourage impulse buying. In addition, this freestanding leaflet holder/display stand is 2-tier, allowing you to place up to four leaflets upfront and center, and turn the entire unit 360-degrees so that interested customers can read each one.

It is ideal for various signs as it will spin the individual tiers and select which leaflet or flyer is most relevant to a client.

  • Free Standing Outdoor Brochure Holders

Outdoor brochure dispensers are designed for outdoor use. With A5 size, you can carry on advertising for you long after you have left the premises. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Most outdoor leaflet holders are made from molded plastic, ensuring they will last for years to come.

Placing Brochure Holders in Strategic Positions

Outdoor Brochure Holders are also a great way to display your company's mission to the public. Outdoor Brochure Holders are highly effective when used strategically.

Select the ideal brochure display unit and position it correctly, and you will foster positive relations with your customers and prospects.

You'll also see a direct return on your marketing investment as these points of contact provide ample opportunity to include printed material that drives customers to your business to make purchases, accept payments for services, and provide other valuable contact information.

Using a variety of brochure holders to display this printed material at multiple points of contact like sidewalks, near movie theaters, shopping centers, and universities helps ensure that employees and customers will see them.

Use models that complement or match the decor of your business to create a professional image that is customer-friendly. Effective brochure display is by no means limited to storefronts.

These models are useful in offices, lobbies, patient rooms, and anywhere else that calls for a brochure holder.

Selecting the Best Brochure Holder for the Material

Selecting the best brochure holder for your material is crucial to the success of your signage program. The brochure needs to stand out and be easily visible, but it must also be protected from weather and vandalism.

The material should be easy to remove and replace as often as necessary without having to move or touch any other part of your existing signage.

Maintaining Marketing Campaigns  

When it comes to your business, you can’t afford any downtime. Make the most out of your marketing routine and continue to distribute brochures and flyers to passers-by with the outdoor brochure holder.

An outdoor literature display will display your product literature in premium locations and catch the attention of every prospective customer they come in contact with.

Your brochure holders are a crucial part of your marketing campaign, so why not keep them up to date with the latest trends. Use new colors, materials, and graphics to stand out from your competitors.

Whether it's new line extensions, product offerings, or a new store strategy, you're looking for a new look to reflect a fresh approach.

These sturdy stands come in various styles and colors and can withstand the elements, so you can feel confident about your promotions even if you’re not there yourself.

Crafting Engaging Brochures

Content is king. Take advantage of your brochure holders by adding engaging content that provides value to your attendees and prospective customers.

The rich content that you provide through your brochure holders should focus on speaking directly to the pain points of your target customers. Find out what problems customers have, how many people have those problems, and why they are looking for a solution to their problems.

It is also helpful to ask customers about their goals and peep into any trends in the industry you are targeting. Once you understand what is going on in your industry and how it can help potential clients, your marketing efforts will be much more effective.

Keeping Brochure Holders Well-stocked 

Having multiple brochure holders ready to go is vital to your success. Buyers may see your stand, but you don't want them to walk away empty-handed. Your brochure holders should always be stocked with plenty of brochures for your clients to take.

This will encourage them to choose one, read the copy and hopefully act upon it.

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