The pandemic has forced businesses to take extra measures to make sure that their stores and offices are as safe as possible from possible contamination. These safety measures include the installation of sneeze guards, which are designed to reduce the transfer of droplets from talking, coughing, and sneezing—and sign holders that serve as reminders to everyone to keep their social distance from each other.

This is necessary even if people are already wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.

Aside from safety, comfort, and convenience—aesthetics are also considered when installing sneeze guards in the workplace. This is why the material, installation type, and design of the sneeze guards and sign holders available in the market can be integrated into any decor of your small business. 

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people should maintain at least six feet of distance between each other, but it’s impossible to observe this at all times, especially in a business setting.

Customers and staff need to interact to get things done, especially at the cashier or at the bank teller window. This is where plastic sneeze guards come in—it serves as the protective barrier that allows people to interact with each other while preventing the spread of saliva droplets.

Sneeze guards need to be made of scratch-resistant materials, not just because of aesthetic purposes, but because scratches can store bacteria and viruses.

They must also be designed to eliminate crevices that could collect droplets and other contaminants. This is why materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass are recommended for sneeze guards because they are tough and scratch-resistant.

The guards should be thin enough to be transparent to allow people to see each other through the barrier, but thick enough to resist cracking or bending. They should be secured firmly so they don’t fall or tip over, especially those made of heavier materials such as glass. This is necessary in order to avoid accidents and additional expenses.

Why Sneeze Guards Are Needed By Small Businesses

Sneeze guards can be installed or mounted on any flat surface—desks, tables, counters, to name a few. You can put these in areas where you need an effective social distancing barrier.

These guards are ideal for the following areas like restaurants and bars, grocery stores, retail store counters, partitions between desks and workstations, and distancing in an open office environment, classrooms, call centers, and outdoor seating areas.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s essential for a small business to make use of sneeze guards.

  1. They Are Durable And Long-lasting

Sure, there are lighter and cheaper sneeze guards and sign holders if you really just need to have something, but if you don’t mind investing in something more durable, hard acrylic plastic guards are your best option.

The material is stronger than the others available in the market, namely general-use acrylic and polycarbonate. 

You need acrylic that is resistant to high abrasion and has a special coating that makes your guard resistant to light scratches. This is very useful especially since you need to clean and wipe the shields on a daily basis.

Aside from the material of the shields themselves, the base where you will mount them counts big time as well. You need mounts made of material that can stand up to the elements, rain or shine. This allows you to use your sneeze guards indoors and outdoors for many years to come.

  1. They Can Be Placed in a Firm Stand

There are lots of ways that your sneeze guards can be customized and that includes their stands. You need sneeze guard stands that are extremely durable and solid enough so they will remain standing even against the toughest winds. Guards of this quality can be placed in entrances and windy outdoor areas with no problem.

These durable stands can be made in shapes that will not get in the way and take up lots of space in counters, desks, and dining tables.

  1. They Can Be Made in Sleek, Non-invasive Designs

Speaking of non-invasive, sneeze guards can be designed to fit into the aesthetics of your shop or office. This means that your guards are devoid of unsightly hardware such as screw heads and visible bolt screws.

Each part snaps cleanly into place and hidden out of sight. The mounting hardware should be hidden as much as possible, be it in desks, tables, countertops, or walls. Your mounting base can have a discreet color or appearance, such as a dark bronze color or clear anodized aluminum.

  1. They Are Very Easy to Install

Whether you choose to let your own staff install the sneeze guards or let the supplier do it, the guards should be a breeze to mount or put in without the need to utilize special tools.

This applies to both permanent and portable installations. In any case, a good supplier should provide a video explainer for you to follow or assist you personally in placing the sneeze guards.

  1. They Reduce Sound Transmission

Aside from keeping germs at bay, sneeze guards also help with reducing sound and ambient noise. It can help block out surrounding conversations and other ambient noise if you work closely with your co-workers.

This cuts down distractions, especially when you’re talking to a client or simply just want a quieter space to work in.

  1. They Can Have Pass-through Windows

If your business where you need people to hand out paperwork and other items across a desk, table, or counter, you will definitely benefit from having pass-through windows. Your sneeze guards can be customized to have these so customers and staff will not have problems exchanging stuff from their side of the shield. 

Choose the Right Sneeze Guards and Sign Holders for Your Business

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