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Brochure holders are an integral part of many businesses. They provide a simple way to make additional information to people at their convenience. Whether it is health, travel or product information you are sharing, a variety of brochure holders can get your information before the public’s eyes in an attractive and, more importantly, an effective way.

What types of business utilize these versatile business tools? Just about any business that has anything to promote in the form of a brochure or pamphlet can make good use of brochure holders. Doctors and medical facilities use them to distribute information about various illnesses, treatments and medications. Tourist areas and recreational facilities often use them to display brochures from other area attractions to help promote tourism in the areas. Colleges use them to promote various schools of study they offer.

Brochure holders also work well for temporary set ups like trade shows and conventions. They are ideal for displaying a variety of information about different products and promotional offers. Easy to set up, keep stocked and pack up again, these lightweight acrylic displays can be a real asset at one of these venues.

Advantages associated with brochure holders include:

  • Brochure holders are affordable and the cost decreases with increased quantities
  • They are easy to clean because to the acrylic material
  • Slots hold all standard brochure sizes
  • Brochure holders can be used anywhere
  • Portable and lightweight construction makes them ideal for many applications
  • Customized designs and styles are available

Brochure holders come in a variety of sizes. While the more common configurations provide 1, 2 or 3 slots for brochures, there are designs that have as many as 12 slots. This allows a greater deal of flexibility in the number and types of brochures you can choose to display. For businesses with a larger number of products or services, the larger number of slots means you can put information at your customer’s fingertips without having to choose between the brochures you can fit in the smaller holders. offers a wide range of brochure holders. We can help you customize your brochure holders to maximize your success, get started today when you call (866) 235-1216.

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