Countertop Signs and Easels


There are so many ways to display information to customers that it can be perplexing when you have to choose. Table top easels and sign holders are one of the most universally used types of sign displays used. That is because they are so versatile and cost effective.

Available in a range of sizes that accommodate just about any size sign or flyer, these information displays work hard for you, 24 a day, 7 days a week. You can choose the size, orientation (vertical or horizontal) and even customize them if that suits your purposes. The inserts are well protected from their environment and can be easily changed whenever your product, sale or promotion changes.

You can find easels and signage holders in use at many businesses. Retail outlets often use them atop of racks to draw attention to sale items or on countertop to impart information about rules or special offers. Uses for these types of informational displays are really limitless. You can find as many uses for them as your imagination will allow and then some. Acrilyc or plastic easels and signage holders offer the following benefits:

  • Inexpensive costs that decreases with an increased quantity purchase
  • Acrylic material is easy to keep clean
  • Paper and photos slide easily in and out making changes quick and simple
  • Versatility allows them to be used almost anywhere
  • Lightweight and compact for easy mobility
  • Customizable to suit your needs

Easels and signage holders make your information available to customers at the time and place they need to see it. By varying the types of displays you use, you keep your information distribution fresh and attractive. Promotions, sales and other data can be displayed and then removed when necessary, replaced by fresh information. Move them around your business and use them different situations to capture the attention of your customers or clients.

Small businesses and large businesses alike make use of easels and plastic sign holders to disseminate information. For example, a doctor’s office might use an easel to let patients know what forms of payment are accepted. A retail shop might place one on each rack of merchandise indicating the sales discount that applies to that particular rack. This type of information frees up sales people and office workers to perform other tasks.

If you think that easels or signage holders could help your business improve communication with customers, call at (866) 235-1216. Our selection of plastic and acrylic holders for business is one of the largest on the market today.

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