Combination Frames and Holders

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Chances are your business uses a variety of printed material to market its goods and services. Often the formats are in various formats and sizes including pamphlets, brochures, flyers and business cards. This can create some questions about the best way to display that information in a way that is meaningful and attractive to your market. Combination holders and frames are the way to go when you need to combine displays of promotional materials that vary in size.

The most commonly used combinations include some type of brochure or flyer holder with a pocket for business cards. This allows your business to promote a specific product or service that you may sell nationwide and at the same time, provide the name of a local contact for the item.

Another example of how these unique displays can be used is in the real estate industry. A property listing can be displayed in the frame with a color picture of the property. Printing in color is expensive so you wouldn’t want to print many of these. Slip one into the frame. Use the side pockets to place the listing or the front pocket to display the agent’s business card, depending on the configuration of holder you choose.

If you have the need to distribute larger amounts of information, then a catalog or magazine type combination holder is more in tune with your needs. It allows you to display your magazine or catalog with extra pockets for tri-fold brochures. This is ideal when you want the bulk information out there along with more detailed information on select products or services.

These marketing aids are useful in many circumstances. These counter or table top holders lend themselves to many types of businesses, from professionals to industrial companies.

Wondering if combination holders and frames are right for your business? Check out these advantages:

  • Combination holders and frames sit on any flat surface and can be moved where needed
  • The acrylic material wipes clean in seconds for a fabulous display
  • A wide variety of sizes and configurations lets you keep your options open
  • Display holders are affordable and get cheaper with quantity purchases
  • Your logo or other design elements can be incorporated into a custom design

Let show you how combination holders and frames can give your business the edge it needs. Call us at (866) 235-1216 to get more information on customized holders and ad frames.

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