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Indie Design: 4 Tips to Make Your Business Look and Feel Small and Personal

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 23, 2015

local businessWould you like to make your business feel smaller? While it can pay to appear big and powerful in business, there are some situations where you may benefit more from emphasizing your business’s lack of size.

From talking about your personalized service to emphasizing that you understand the challenges of small businesses, showing off your business’s lack of size can be a great way to market your business to other small businesses.

It can earn you new clients and contracts, win you loyalty from local customers and give your business a unique feel that larger businesses often lose as a result of their scale and size.

Making your business feel small can be difficult, particularly if it’s growing rapidly and no longer feels small organically. The four tips listed below can help you make use of design and copywriting to emphasize your business’s smallness. Read More

Direct Marketing on a Budget: What Type of Direct Marketing Campaign Offers the Best ROI?

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, November 19, 2015

direct marketingWould you like to increase your business’s sales on a budget? Direct marketing is a great way to generate leads and fuel sales without spending too much, giving your business a chance to grow even on the smallest of budgets.

But which type of direct marketing is most effective? A wide range of different direct marketing channels are available for today’s small businesses, from cold calling and email marketing to direct mail, print advertising and more.

Which method offers your business the best ROI? For most small businesses, direct mail – whether through letters, brochures or coupons – offers an ROI beyond that of other direct marketing channels.

Data from Target Marketing Magazine backs up the assertion that direct mail is the best ROI option for small businesses, offering a higher return on ad spend than the other commonly used direct marketing options. Here’s why: Read More

3 Simple But Effective Ways to Improve Your Signage's Response Rate

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 16, 2015

Is your signage as effective as it could be? Retail signage can drive a steady steam of customers into your store, fueling sales and giving your business an audience that’s continually growing and growing over time.

That is, if your retail signage is designed and positioned effectively. Many businesses make the mistake of designing and creating retail signage that seems to be effective, but really does little to improve their bottom line.

From visibility to persuasiveness, a variety of factors go into creating retail signage that’s both visually appealing and effective. If you’d like to improve your signage to drive more sales, try the three simple but effective techniques listed below. Read More

How to Design Coupons That Your Target Audience Can't Wait to Use

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, November 12, 2015

Coupon DesignHas your business ever used coupons to improve its response rate and encourage existing customers to return? Coupons are powerful marketing assets that can be used in retail, business-to-business commerce and even for restaurants and cafés.

There are several factors that separate good coupons from great ones. For a coupon to be highly effective, it needs to have an excellent offer that’s worth returning for as well as being easy to share and a design that’s focused on inspiring action.

Would you like to use coupons that improve your business’s revenue? In this guide, we’ll share three simple tips and techniques that you can use to design coupons that your customers can’t wait to redeem. Read More

3 Color Schemes You Should Never Use in Your Marketing Materials

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 09, 2015

Color SchemesWhich colors do you use in your business’s marketing? Color can have a huge effect on the way people respond to your marketing efforts, from helping you attract the right amount of attention to presenting your brand in the right way.

Choosing the right colors can emphasize your business’s strong points and position your brand optimally. Choosing the wrong colors, on the other hand, can weaken or damage your brand, costing you recognition and revenue.

Do you know which colors to use in your marketing materials and which to avoid at all costs? Read on to discover three color schemes that you should never use in your marketing materials. Read More

5 Action Words to Use in Your Signage, Brochures and Advertising

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, November 05, 2015

Action Words for MarketingIs your advertising as effective as it could be? One of the most important aspects of effective retail signage is design – the visual elements that make your signage stand out and attract attention.

While design is important for successful signage, it’s not the only factor that makes your signage effective. The words you choose to use in your signage have a massive impact on its response rate and profitability.

From action verbs to simple changes in wording, small changes to the words used in your signs, brochures and other marketing materials can have a significant effect on how many leads, sales and responses your campaign produces.

Would you like to improve your signage’s effectiveness? Try using these five action words in your signage to increase your response rate, generate more leads and get more sales. Read More

Old-Fashioned Design: How to Give Your Signs, Brochures and More a Classic and Timeless Feel

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 02, 2015

classic designHave you ever seen a sign that once looked cutting edge but has since aged? Brand new design trends can look fantastic for a time, but they quickly age and date your brand in the process.

From neon, rigid 1980s designs to dated 1990s websites, design that’s right on the cutting edge tends to age worse than classic design, leaving your brand with a look that’s not as trendy five years into the future as it is today.

If you’d like your brand to stand the test of time and not require constant updates, using an old-fashioned approach to design can give your brand additional staying power that separates it from its here-and-how, trendy competitors.

Would you like to give your signs, brochures and other marketing materials more of a timeless feel? Read on to learn three tips that you can use to avoid making signage that ages rapidly and dates your brand. Read More

How to Use Posters to Promote Your Brand's Social Media Page

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is your business active on Facebook? Do you have a Twitter account with plenty of interesting content? Social media can be a great marketing channel for businesses, but without an audience it’s unlikely that anyone will engage with your message.

From local businesses to large companies, a wide range of businesses can benefit from the exposure that social media offers. Over time, your business can build its brand and strengthen its connection with its target audience.

That is, as long as there are people to engage with your content. While the majority of businesses grow their social media presence online, it’s also possible to make use of offline marketing methods to develop your social media presence.

From direct mail to print advertising, a wide variety of channels can be used to grow your social media audience and build a loyal following of people that are interested in your business.

Would you like to grow your brand’s social media page? Read on to learn how you can use in-store posters to grow your social media audience and give your business an additional marketing channel. Read More

What Information Should You Include in Your Retail Brochure?

Christopher Aaron - Monday, October 26, 2015

retail brochureWhether you’re aiming to connect with large-scale corporate clients or just market your retail store’s latest products, brochures are fantastic marketing tools for a wide range of businesses.

With a brochure, your business can promote its latest offerings while strengthening its connection with its target audience, all in a cost-effective way.

There are two key components of every effective brochure: the design, which plays a major role in attracting the attention of prospective customers, and the content that the brochure contains, which plays an important role in driving sales.

Are you struggling to prepare the right content for your retail brochure? Read on to learn more about which information you should include in your retail brochure for the biggest possible response. Read More

Effective Signage for Small Businesses: 5 Simple Tactics

Christopher Aaron - Monday, October 19, 2015

Effective SignageIs your retail store, café or restaurant attracting customers? Good retail signage can bring a constant flow of customers into your store, fuelling your revenue and giving your small business a loyal following.

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that customers will come to them, provided they set up shop. The reality is that gaining customers is a process that requires your active involvement and marketing efforts.

One of the most effective ways to draw customers into your store or local business is by using retail signage. In this guide, we’ll share five retail signage tips that you can use to encourage customers to visit your café, restaurant or other local business. Read More

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