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5 Ways to Get the Biggest Effect on Sales From a Small Retail Sign

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 30, 2015

Small Retail SignageFor many marketers, the trope “bigger is better” is more than a useful idea – it’s the guiding principle behind every campaign. While big signage is usually more effective for catching attention than small signage, it’s not always the best choice.

A strategically designed small sign with the right message, when used properly, can often outperform its significantly larger counterparts and generate a huge volume of foot traffic, leads and sales for your retail business.

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Sign Design 101 for Youth Brands That Want to Stand Out

Christopher Aaron - Monday, July 27, 2015

Sign DesignOne of the biggest challenges for many businesses is attracting Generation Y. While traditional marketers may struggle to attract Millennials, it’s surprisingly easy for a young, exciting brand to stand out and attract a teenage or 20-something audience.

If your retail store targets a young audience and wants to brand itself as a place for younger people, adapting your signage is a great way to attract a new audience and stand out from the crowd.

The four tips below range from easy to implement to slightly more complicated but amazingly effective. If your business targets a Millennial audience, try implementing one, two or all four of them for better marketing results. Read More

Consistent Design 101: How to Design for Signage, Print, TV and Digital

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Consistent Signage DesignHow integrated are your retail business’s marketing campaigns? When you deliver a consistent, easily recognizable marketing message and look on a range of platforms, people will rapidly become more aware of your business.

Integrated marketing is the practice of using an integrated look and message – for example, a single color scheme and value proposition – on a wide range of different marketing channels, from print media to online display ads and retail signage.

The more consistent your message is, the greater the synergy between channels and the bigger the results for your business. Read on to learn how to create consistently effective advertising and signage for any marketing channel. Read More

What Information Should You Include in Your Business’ Retail Signage?

Christopher Aaron - Monday, July 20, 2015

Great signage can make or break a retail business. When your retail store’s signage is eye-catching and effective, it’s surprisingly easy to generate attention and attract a large volume of customers. 

One of the most common signage-related questions is “What information should be included on our retail signage?” It’s often quite difficult to strike a balance between listing too much, and creating a cluttered sign, and listing too little. 

From your business’s phone number to its website URL, working out what to add to your retail sign and what to remove can be tough. Read on to discover four elements that you definitely should include in your company’s retail signageRead More

How the World’s Biggest Companies Design Signage That’s Remembered

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 16, 2015

Custom SignagesHave you ever spotted a recognizable sign from several hundred yards away? There is a simple reason you recognize signs from big companies and forget others: many of the world’s biggest companies have mastered designing for memorability.

From McDonald’s to Citibank, many of the world’s largest companies design their signage and branding items not to stand out from the crowd, but to make it easier for potential customers to remember them.

They do this using a number of techniques, ranging from basic marketing ideas to certain color choices. Read on to learn how your business can use the same tactics as the world’s leading companies to produce more memorable signageRead More

How to Use Table Tents to Increase Orders in a Bar or Nightclub

Christopher Aaron - Monday, July 13, 2015

Table Tents for BarsDrawing people’s attention to menu items and encouraging orders can be difficult in the dark, crowded and often loud environment of a bar or nightclub. Thankfully, it’s surprisingly simple using table tents and well designed menus.

Table tents are special menu holders that sit atop each table or countertop in your bar or nightclub, making it easy for customers to view dishes and learn about what is available.

Does your restaurant, bar or nightclub use table tents? Read on to learn four ways that your business can use table tents to increase orders, encourage customers to take action and increase its sales revenue. Read More

5 Simple Tips to Make Diners Pay More Attention to Your Menus

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 09, 2015

Custom Restaurant MenuThe design of your restaurant’s menu can have a surprisingly large impact on how much attention diners pay to your dishes and drinks, as well as the amount they’re willing to spend in your restaurant.

Just like a good salesperson can be the difference between selling large amounts of products and selling nothing at all, a good menu can be the difference between your restaurant generating a profit or achieving little financial success.

Your restaurant’s menu is, in effect, a salesperson for your entire restaurant. Get its design right and you’ll generate a greater amount of income and encourage diners to return to your restaurant more frequently.

Are you not sure where to start with your restaurant’s menu design? Follow the five simple but effective tips listed below to improve your restaurant’s menu design and get diners to pay more attention to your best dishes. Read More

How to Design Signage that Makes Your Business Look Bigger

Christopher Aaron - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Make your business look bigThere are several advantages to making your small business seem bigger than it really is. The appearance of being big can make customers far more likely to take your business seriously and increase the level of customer to business trust.

Looking bigger than you really are can also make your business seem like a better value provider than its smaller competitors. After all, big businesses needed to be good in order to grow into large companies in the first place.

Luckily, you don’t need to run a huge business in order to give your company the appearance of being large and well known. These four tips will help your business design a signage that makes it look bigger, more established and more dependable.  Read More

Should You Use Black and White Designs for Retail Signs?

Christopher Aaron - Friday, June 26, 2015

Designs for Retail SignsFrom photography to film, black and white can often be a great option for standing out from the crowd and making an impression. Since most signs use color heavily, it makes sense that black and white could be a useful, effective alternative.

The reality is that while black and white has some place in the world of marketing and signage, it’s more often than not less effective than using a full range of colors for the design of your retail signs.

Whether you’re considering black and white for an advertisement or for your retail signs, read on to learn why using a wide range of colors in your advertisement tends to be a more effective strategy than designing with black and white. Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Small Signs Have a Big Impact on Sales

Christopher Aaron - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small Signs with Big SalesHow much of an impact do your retail store’s signs have on sales? The right signage can have a significant impact on your store’s bottom line, generating foot traffic for your store and sales for customers already inside it.

Many retailers make the assumption that bigger signs are more effective than small signs – an assumption that, like many, doesn’t completely match reality. Small signs can, in many cases, have just as big of an impact as signs with larger dimensions.

From the message of your marketing copy to the design of your signs, a large range of factors can determine whether or not your signage is effective in increasing your store’s foot traffic and generating sales.

Would you like to ensure your small signs have a big impact on sales? From location to copy, read on to learn five simple but effective ways to increase the effects of your small retail signs on foot traffic, visibility and sales. Read More

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