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3 Color Schemes You Should Never Use in Your Marketing Materials

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 09, 2015

Color SchemesWhich colors do you use in your business’s marketing? Color can have a huge effect on the way people respond to your marketing efforts, from helping you attract the right amount of attention to presenting your brand in the right way.

Choosing the right colors can emphasize your business’s strong points and position your brand optimally. Choosing the wrong colors, on the other hand, can weaken or damage your brand, costing you recognition and revenue.

Do you know which colors to use in your marketing materials and which to avoid at all costs? Read on to discover three color schemes that you should never use in your marketing materials. Read More

Old-Fashioned Design: How to Give Your Signs, Brochures and More a Classic and Timeless Feel

Christopher Aaron - Monday, November 02, 2015

classic designHave you ever seen a sign that once looked cutting edge but has since aged? Brand new design trends can look fantastic for a time, but they quickly age and date your brand in the process.

From neon, rigid 1980s designs to dated 1990s websites, design that’s right on the cutting edge tends to age worse than classic design, leaving your brand with a look that’s not as trendy five years into the future as it is today.

If you’d like your brand to stand the test of time and not require constant updates, using an old-fashioned approach to design can give your brand additional staying power that separates it from its here-and-how, trendy competitors.

Would you like to give your signs, brochures and other marketing materials more of a timeless feel? Read on to learn three tips that you can use to avoid making signage that ages rapidly and dates your brand. Read More

How Custom Displays Can Help Your Retail Store's Sales

Christopher Aaron - Monday, October 12, 2015

Custom Acrylic DisplayFrom leading customers towards your top-selling items to promoting your loyalty program, custom retail displays can have a significant, measurable effect on your retail store’s sales.

Would you like to improve navigation within your store, increase the amount of time customers spend with you and improve your sales figures? Read on to learn more about how custom displays can help your retail store’s sales. Read More

How to Use Your Business's Value Proposition in Signage

Christopher Aaron - Monday, October 05, 2015

Signage DesignDoes your business have a great value proposition? Being able to communicate the value your business can provide for its customers or clients is a major asset for any marketing campaign, whether it’s direct mail, digital, or in-store retail signage.

A great value proposition separates your offer from the competition and sets your business apart, establishing why you’re the best choice within your category and encouraging prospective customers to take action.

It’s also something that determines whether or not people will pay any attention to your marketing at all. Without a great value proposition, it’s unlikely that people will continue to read your in-store poster, retail signage or company brochure.

Is your business using its value proposition effectively in its signage? In this guide, we’ll talk more about how your business can use its value proposition to make its retail signage more effective at achieving its marketing goals. Read More

Simple Design 101: 5 Ways to Do More With Less in Brochures

Christopher Aaron - Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BrochuresAre your posters, brochures, postcards and other marketing documents as simple as they could be? While simplicity may seem like an odd goal for marketing documents to aspire to, it’s often far more effective than a design that’s too complicated.

From endless headlines to color schemes that are just too powerful for the eyes, an overwhelming number of brochures and other marketing documents feel too busy, from a visual perspective, to be effective.

Is your brochure too busy? Do your prospective customers find it hard to discover its key message and call to action? Read on to learn five ways to do more with less by simplifying your brochures and making them more effective at the same time. Read More

5 Elements of a Successful Trade Show Brochure

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trade Show BrochureWith the right combination of a great booth, a talented sales team and a fantastic brochure, your business can generate a huge amount of sales from each and every trade show it attends.

Trade shows are a relatively expensive marketing channel, with large initial costs for your business. There’s the cost of renting floor space, designing and building a booth, training your sales team and giving away free marketing materials. Read More

5 Ways to Get the Biggest Effect on Sales From a Small Retail Sign

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 30, 2015

Small Retail SignageFor many marketers, the trope “bigger is better” is more than a useful idea – it’s the guiding principle behind every campaign. While big signage is usually more effective for catching attention than small signage, it’s not always the best choice.

A strategically designed small sign with the right message, when used properly, can often outperform its significantly larger counterparts and generate a huge volume of foot traffic, leads and sales for your retail business.

 Read More

Sign Design 101 for Youth Brands That Want to Stand Out

Christopher Aaron - Monday, July 27, 2015

Sign DesignOne of the biggest challenges for many businesses is attracting Generation Y. While traditional marketers may struggle to attract Millennials, it’s surprisingly easy for a young, exciting brand to stand out and attract a teenage or 20-something audience.

If your retail store targets a young audience and wants to brand itself as a place for younger people, adapting your signage is a great way to attract a new audience and stand out from the crowd.

The four tips below range from easy to implement to slightly more complicated but amazingly effective. If your business targets a Millennial audience, try implementing one, two or all four of them for better marketing results. Read More

Consistent Design 101: How to Design for Signage, Print, TV and Digital

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Consistent Signage DesignHow integrated are your retail business’s marketing campaigns? When you deliver a consistent, easily recognizable marketing message and look on a range of platforms, people will rapidly become more aware of your business.

Integrated marketing is the practice of using an integrated look and message – for example, a single color scheme and value proposition – on a wide range of different marketing channels, from print media to online display ads and retail signage.

The more consistent your message is, the greater the synergy between channels and the bigger the results for your business. Read on to learn how to create consistently effective advertising and signage for any marketing channel. Read More

How the World’s Biggest Companies Design Signage That’s Remembered

Christopher Aaron - Thursday, July 16, 2015

Custom SignagesHave you ever spotted a recognizable sign from several hundred yards away? There is a simple reason you recognize signs from big companies and forget others: many of the world’s biggest companies have mastered designing for memorability.

From McDonald’s to Citibank, many of the world’s largest companies design their signage and branding items not to stand out from the crowd, but to make it easier for potential customers to remember them.

They do this using a number of techniques, ranging from basic marketing ideas to certain color choices. Read on to learn how your business can use the same tactics as the world’s leading companies to produce more memorable signageRead More

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