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Subtle Selling with Merchandise Displays

Christopher Aaron - Wednesday, February 29, 2012
You have your business, and you have your merchandise that you are trying to sell, but no one even seems to notice your merchandise. It could be that your merchandise is not being properly displayed. A great merchandise display can easily make or break the sale. If your products are not catching the eyes of your prospects, then something is definitely wrong.

The proper merchandise displays not only increase your sales, but it can and should draw people in. It should catch their eyes and make them want to reach and pick up the merchandise. Acrylic merchandise displays are great at doing that. Not only do they attract people’s attention, but they also keep them there. Without a display, people may not even know if they can purchase the item. When it is in a display, it becomes more evident that the product is for sale.

Merchandising displays are all about getting your product in your customer’s hands the fastest and easiest way possible. For one, if the customer can't see the product, then they are obviously not going to purchase it.

Acrylic merchandising displays make it easy for your customers to find your products. They should also position your products the best possible way. If your product happens to be a book or a CD, then positioning it so that the customer does not have to do anything extra to see it, is vital. Your customers want to be told what to buy, and an acrylic display reaches out and pulls them right in.

Why choose an acrylic merchandise display?

Aside from the obvious sales reasons, acrylic is cheaper than glass. It is also superior to glass in many ways. It is lighter, stronger, clearer and if it is scratched, it can be easily buffed out. Try buffing a scratch out of a glass display and see how far you get before the entire display breaks.

Acrylic also offers more flexibility when it comes to design. Glass does not bend, but acrylic can be formed and shaped to your exact requirements. This gives you the ability to make a custom acrylic display that will fit your products perfectly if you can't find one already.

If your products are moving at a snails pace, try a merchandise display and watch them fly off the rack.

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